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Sunday, March 25, 2018

{ SONday Morning Song - Reckless Love }

I couldn't earn it, and I don't deserve it, still, You give Yourself away
Oh, the overwhelming, never-ending, reckless love of God

HOPE your SONday is awesomely blessed! 

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Sunday, February 25, 2018

{ SONday Song - God of All My Days }

In my worry, God You are my stillness
In my searching, God You are my answers
In my blindness, God You are my vision
In my bondage, God You are my freedom
In my weakness, God You are my power
You’re the reason that I sing
‘Cause You’re the God of all my days

Sunday, February 18, 2018

{ SONday Morning Song - Do It Again }

I can't listen to this song and speak the lyrics without getting what I call Holy Spirit chills. There's no wonder we'll get a new body because sometimes I feel like this one is going to burst open with the joy He gives me! 
Only God!

HOPE your SONday is full of blessings!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

{ SONday Morning Song - More Than Anything }

Help me want the Healer more than the healing.

Help me want the Savior more than the saving.

Help me want the Giver more than the giving.

Help me want You, Jesus more than anything!

HOPE your SONday is awesomely blessed!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

{ SONday Morning Song - Dwell }

Just a little "sneak peek" of my Word for 2018!

HOPE you have a happy and safe New Year's Eve!

Sunday, December 24, 2017

{ SONday Morning Song - O Holy Night }

This is my most favorite CHRIST-mas carol.

Truly He taught us to love one another
His law is love and His gospel is peace
Chains shall He break for the slave is our brother
And in His name, all oppression shall cease
Sweet hymns of joy in grateful chorus raise we,
Let all within us praise His holy name

Merry CHRIST-mas Eve, sweet Friends!

Monday, November 20, 2017

{ Just Say Thanks }

Y'all, I'm so proud of our church and how they love on and teach Jesus to the kiddos.  These littles are only 2, 3 and 4 years old and they're already memorizing Bible verses.  Their teacher, Ms. Stephanie (my sweet friend) is teaching them a new verse each week on Wednesday night with each verse beginning with a letter of the alphabet. Yesterday during the morning service they sang a THANKSgiving song then recited their verses from A-M, doing the motions that goes along with the verse. "Don't be a turkey" 😊 and watch these short videos. I believe it'll do your heart good to see how Jesus is being poured into these precious little souls.

Happy THANKSgiving week Monday!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

{ SONday Morning Song - Control (Somehow You Want Me) }

"God, You don't need me
But somehow You want me
Oh, how You love me
Somehow that frees me
To open my hands up
And give You control
I give You control"

Happy, happy SONday, Y'all!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

{ SONday Morning Song - All My HOPE }

"All my hope is in Jesus.
Thank God my yesterday's gone.
All my sins are forgiven.
I've been washed by the blood."

HOPE your SONday is chock full of blessings!

Spiritual Sundays

Sunday, November 5, 2017

{ SONday Morning Song - Death Was Arrested }

"Ash was redeemed, only beauty remains.
My orphan heart was given a name.
My mourning grew quiet my feet rose to dance,
When death was arrested and my life began"

"Our Savior displayed on a criminal's cross,
Darkness rejoiced as though heaven had lost.
But then Jesus arose with our freedom in hand

That's when death was arrested and my life began"

HOPE your SONday is awesomely blessed!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

{ Wednesday's Word - Naysayers }


a person who habitually expresses negative or pessimistic views

one who denies, refuses, opposes, or is skeptical or cynical about something

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Prayers that  you stay strong and don't let ANYBODY or ANYTHING steal the JY that God put in your heart!

HOPE your Wednesday is Wonderful!

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Sunday, October 8, 2017

{ SONday Morning Song - Point To You }

this song!

"I know You want my heart,
My bruises and my scars.
I'm coming as I am,
The only way I can.
I can't forget from where I've come
And what my heart's been rescued from.
Yeah, when they ask me who
I owe my whole life to
I point to You"

HOPE your SONday is awesomely blessed, sweet Friends!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

{ Are you ready to be friends? }

I'm sure many of you have seen this before, too, but it's so worth sharing and watching again.....
and taking it to heart.....
especially, with all the hatred in the world.

Out of the mouths of babes.....

Sunday, October 1, 2017

{ SONday Morning Song - Your Love Defends Me }

Surely my God is the strength of my soul.
Your love defends me.
Your love defends me.
And when I feel like I'm all alone.
Your love defends me.
Your love defends me.

HOPE your SONday is awesomely blessed!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

{ SONday Morning Song - Different }

Lots of times I post my SONday song on Saturday night.  I did find this song last night and was gonna post it for today, but got busy with other things and went on to bed.

this morning I've had it on my mind and decided to turn the radio on in the kitchen before we head to church. I thought to myself that if this song was playing, I'd take the time to share it.....
but what were the odds, right?

ONLY God can ordain such things as this, Y'all!

This was the exact song playing on K-Love.....

HOPE everybody has an awesomely blessed SONday!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

{ SONday Morning Song - Without Him }

I got this song on my mind yesterday while breaking beans.....
so I looked it up on my phone and sang along!
I think I broke those beans in record time, although the neighbors might not have been very appreciative!

HOPE everybody has an awesomely blessed SONday!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

{ SONday Morning Song - O God Forgive Us }

This is the song I had planned to share today after hearing it for the first time last Friday.  Oh, how appropriate it is in light of what happened yesterday in Charlottesville, VA.  Jess and I were having lunch and the TV in the dining area was on a popular news network displaying the violence that was sparked all because of the hatred one race has for another.  This is something our own family has experienced because of where our granddaughter was born. My heart breaks for her and her parents and all those across the world who are mistreated just because of the color of their skin, or anything else that someone in their prejudiced mind deems as "different".

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