Breathing in His grace…..breathing out His praise!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Seven Thankful Things.....

I thought I would share just a few things that I'm so very thankful for.....

1.  Friends who pray!!!
Thanks to all of you who prayed for my back.
It's still a bit stiff and sore, but I think I'm gonna live....LOL!!!

2. And, speaking of friends.
I have an awesome blogging friend named Ms. Aritha.
She has a blog at Kostbaar 
(meaning is "Precious")
I won a give-a-way that she had and she mailed me all the goodies below.....
all the way from the Netherlands!!!
That empty packet.....
it was flavored coffee and it was AWESOME.....
all frothy and caramel and delicious!
So much so, I think I'm gonna have to purchase some more on line!!

Proficiat - meaning Congrats!!!

3.  The Shrine Circus!!!
Remember the pic I showed of us at the circus with the three older kiddos?
The lions were one of my favorite parts.
Our grands are some of our greatest blessings.
If you're a grandparent,
then you know exactly what I mean.
I just can't even begin to explain the love we have for them!!!
And, another blessing is being able to spend so much time with them.
(I think they kinda like me, too.....;-)

4.  Retirement!!!
If you've followed me very long,
you might recall my story of how I quit my full-time job back in 2006.
God kept prompting me to quit and I kept telling Him we just couldn't afford it.  Wasn't that just silly?  A total lack of faith.  When I quit, my salary was more than Pappy's.  We survived. Then, Pappy lost his job and we lived off unemployment (and our savings....and we had some great friends who helped us out along the way).  God is so awesome.....if we'll just have faith in Him.  All the time that I was "arguing" with Him about quitting, He kept bringing to mind the verse of scripture, Jeremiah 29:11.....hence, the name my blog!!!

For I know the plans I have for you,” 
says the Lord.
“They are plans for good and not for disaster, 
to give you a future and a hope.

5.  And, speaking of "retirement".....
This past Tuesday morning, I just became overwhelmed of how blessed I am that I don't work outside the home.  Oh, I stay plenty busy with grands and my Mom and my brother.....and I ask God often to send me somebody I can help in some way.  But, what a blessing that I don't have to get up and go to work every morning.  I thought about how difficult it would be to have to call in to my former boss that I couldn't come to work because of my back.  She just would not have understood.  She was very difficult to work for.

6.  And, speaking of my former boss.....
when I walk around our subdivision.....
(which I can do now because my knee is improving.....
and it actually doesn't hurt my back).....
I can see the office where I used to work.
As I walked one morning,
I realized how blessed I am that I don't have to drive up that long drive every morning like I did for almost 17 years.  The day I left, she said to me, 
"well, it's been nice". 
 And, that was it.  
Isn't that sad?
She was very upset that I quit.
But you know what.....
she was the one who lost out.
I'm not saying that to be prideful....
but, her world revolves around money.
And, there are so many things in this world that no amount of money can buy.

7.  The Meltdown Challenge.....
And, speaking of the improvement in my knee.....
I think part of that is because I was able to shed a few pounds.
I totally give God all the glory for that because without HIM it just wouldn't have happened.  My friend, Ms. Diane, invited me to the challenge and the goal was to lose 6% of my body weight.....
I lost 8.75%!!!
To God be all the Glory!!!

This list could go on and on.....
but, these are just a few things that are on my heart that I'm thankful for!

Ain't God good?
Oh, yes He is!!!

HOPE y'all have a Terrific Thursday!!!

Breathing in Grace,

Sunday, October 26, 2014

A short break.....

I've never had much trouble with back pain.....
until last Friday!
We had our grand-kiddos all weekend and decided to walk to the end of the subdivision with them Friday evening. 
The two littlest ones rode in a wagon that has two seats. 
 Nannie pulled them all the way to the end.....
and all the way back.....
up and down several small hills.  
They usually seem rather small, 
but not so much pulling the wagon with two kiddos inside. 
It didn't really hurt me at the time,
just kinda tired me out.....
but, I woke up sometime in the night in pain.....
and have been hurting since!

I think I'm gonna take a couple days away from the blog to rest up!

Job 30:17
At night my bones are filled with pain,
    which gnaws at me relentlessly.

Breathing in Grace,

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Come on get happy.....

I've really enjoyed the daily e-mails we get from the Meltdown Challenge.

This one is just great!
It reminds me of several things I've read recently.....
think God might be trying to tell me something?!?!?

Choose To Be Happy

We are completely in control of our own happiness! We have all known someone who appears to "have it all", yet is perpetually unhappy...nothing is ever good enough! On the other hand, we have probably all known someone who appears to be completely destitute of positive circumstances, yet beams with happiness. We can start by wearing a smile, offering gratitude, focusing on those we love and those who love us, and actively looking for opportunities to display happiness.

HOPE y'all have a HAPPY weekend!!!

Breathing in Grace,

Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Foto.....

Our crew at the circus last weekend
(minus Jess who was taking the pic)

Love Pappy's heart.....
he was exhausted!

HOPE y'all have a Fantastic Friday!!!

Breathing in Grace,

Thursday, October 23, 2014

It's not odd, it's God.....

This week so far has been full of several "it's not odd, it's God" moments!

I decided to go for a short walk Tuesday morning.
I was just going to go out to the end of the longest road and head back home.....
a short little trip of about 20-25 minutes.....
that wound up taking me an hour and 20 minutes.

As I got to the end of the road we live on, 
a neighbor was blowing leaves in his yard and he stopped and chatted with me.....
for about 35 minutes.

I told him that I was keeping him from his work and I headed out to my destination.  Little did I know that God had interrupted my walk because of something that was about to happen on down the road. As I approached a house toward the end of my route,  a little dog came out barking at me. I had seen it before and I'm a bit afraid of dogs.....
especially, those who head right toward me barking.
The young lady who lives there with her hubby and 3 children
(something I found out a bit later)
was mowing the yard and she hollered for the dog to come back.
It I headed to the end of the road.
As I came back that way, 
the dog came toward me again.
The young lady turned off the mower and hollered for the dog.
I stopped to chat with her and we exchanged names.....
and you just wouldn't believe the conversation that took place.....
entirely about God and the church and she told me that our talk was yet another confirmation to a prayer she had been praying and I approached the mower and we hugged and I came back home with such a happy heart!

I don't work outside the home,
so I often ask God to use me.....
send me somebody I can help!
I love that He does that,
even in the most simplest thing like taking a walk!
But the "funny" thing is.....
I'm the one who winds up getting the most out of it!

Oh, how awesome HE is!
I'm so thankful at how much HE loves us!!

Breathing in Grace,


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