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Monday, June 22, 2020

{ Restore My Joy }

I've been praying the same prayer for over 3 years with seemingly no answer and no change to the situation. Has this ever happened to you? How did you cope with the unanswered prayer? Although, is any prayer actually wasted with no answer even if we can't physically see the change? Is God testing our patience in the waiting? Are we witnessing to others in how we handle the situation? Is He working a change in our own heart?

As I read a couple of devotions this morning I knew God was speaking to me about a struggle that seems to haunt me. 

"There's so much joy in life, mingled with great sorrow. The one thing that never changes is that Jesus is with us through it all."
~~ Gwen Ford Faulkenberry,
Mornings With Jesus ~~

Then I was led to my favorite of the Psalms, #139. If you ever get ahold of my Bible, you'll see that particular chapter is underlined and highlighted and written beside because of how it touches my heart!

"We are uniquely created and known by the God who put the stars in the sky and formed the seas and the winds.... (and) because He created us with that much care, then He certainly holds all the pieces of our lives in His hands."
~~ Melanie Shankle, 
Everyday Holy ~~

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