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Friday, October 19, 2018

{ Friday Foto Friends #152 }

One of my favorite places at my Mom's is in the back field near the woods and I was over there this week hauling off brush.  As I was driving the mower thru the field I kept spotting pretty mushrooms so I parked and took some fotos.....

Yellow wildflowers.....

 I spotted this pretty little lady on the brush I was hauling.....

We've had a gorgeous week with chilly temps, bright sunshine and pretty blue skies - 
 my favorite time of the year!

HOPE everybody has a great weekend!

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Thursday, October 18, 2018

{ THANK-full Thursday }

Do you ever have an idea and it seems to come out of nowhere and you surprise yourself at just how smart you must be to come up with that?   I've come to realize that my feeble mind that's so filled with "stuff" these days isn't really capable of those "light bulb" moments on its own. During my prayer this morning, I was thanking God for planting those ideas in my mind and how grateful I am for His wisdom and discernment. Y'all, I hadn't much more than said Amen when I was led to this verse of scripture as part of my daily devotion.....

Image result for john 15:5

It was truly a WOW moment for me as I realized that this verse was a confirmation of what I had just prayed. 
Apart from HIM I can do NOTHING - 
that includes having brilliant ideas!

I just want to say how full of THANKS I am on this chilly Thursday morning, 
especially for the love of Jesus!

Monday, October 15, 2018

{ Monday Motivation }

By now I'm pretty sure all of you have read this before, 
but I got it on my mind this morning and just knew it might be an inspiration to someone else, too!

Image result for mother teresa do it anyway

HOPE your Monday is Marvelous!

Sunday, October 14, 2018

{ SONday Morning Song - The Way (New Horizon) }

Oh, how I love the lyrics to this song!

NO.MATTER.WHAT the battle is we're going through,
HE remains the absolute same every single day and HIS mercies are new every single morning!

 HOPE you have an awesomely blessed SONday!

Saturday, October 13, 2018

{ A Special Blessing }

Image result for cardinal on a barbed wire fence

Is it wrong to ask God in our prayers to send us a special blessing?  Well, right or wrong, I've done it.
He sends those to us all during our day whether we ask or not, but for me, I know I so often miss the "God winks", but not this morning.

I haven't walked for a couple of days because of the weather and "Arthur" has decided to set up residence in my right knee. Mercy, getting old ain't for sissies!  I decided this morning, pain or no, even with a chill in the air and a breeze blowing, I was going to get out and walk. One reason was because - and some of you will find this absolutely crazy thinking - I pretty much knew there wouldn't be any of the other older folks out walking this morning and I'd have the roads to myself. That's an introverts way of thinking, Y'all.

I get to the end of the very last street I walk down in our subdivision that intersects with the main road and right across the road smack dab in front of my eyes, sitting on the barbed wire fence were two of the brightest red cardinals you've ever seen. I didn't have time to get a pic, but I'm pretty sure that was what God intended. I had to be the only person in the world who was seeing those birds right at that moment and it was meant just for me!  If you've read my blog for very long then you've heard my cardinal story many times. I feel like it's His way of whispering,
"I love you, Deb."

Ain't God good, Y'all!
Oh, yes He is!


Friday, October 12, 2018

{ Friday Foto Friends #151 }

Mark your calendars because this has been a red-lettered week!  I've actually posted something since Monday.  Pappy said it had probably been over 2 years since I'd done that. Sometimes I think I'll just give up on the blog, 
then I have "productive" weeks like this one and realize that it truly is my "outlet" even if it is often sporadic.  Thanks to each and every one of you who hang in there with me and a special thank you to those who link up here each Friday with your fotos.

Last SONday we attended the dedication of a newly planted church in the house where Pappy and I lived when we were first married, over 41 years ago. This is a very old house, but it's been remodeled and is so full of love - and the Holy Spirit! We were honored and blessed to be invited to attend this special ceremony dedicating this "house" to the Lord. The windows in the "sanctuary" are the original windows and they've put this stained glass look cling on them and I think it's gorgeous! I'm thinking about doing something like this to the sidelights on our front door!

My brother and I take week about mowing my Mom's yard - and Y'all, what a yard she has to mow. It takes over 2 hours to mow it and by the time this old gal gets off that lawn mower, she can barely walk and is exhausted.  After mowing last week, I sat on the front porch with Mom and she was looking up at the sky and said.....

"Look at those clouds. 
They look like big cotton balls.
That's God's creation."

Growing up my Mom never talked about the Lord, not so much until probably the last year or so. It blesses my heart to hear her honor Him and to be able to talk about Jesus with her.

Another sky pic early one morning this past week.....

That's it for me!

It's been a great week and I'm looking forward to the weekend, although I have no big plans. How about you?  Any craft festivals, or pumpkin patches, or just hanging out at home?

Whatever your plans, HOPE everybody has a wonderful weekend!

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Thursday, October 11, 2018

{ THANK-full Thursday }

Image result for purple HEARTS BLOG DIVIDER

Although it's raining right now,
I'm very much THANK-full for "sunnier" days!
Most of you understand exactly what that means.

Image result for purple HEARTS BLOG DIVIDER

So very THANK-full for precious Friends.
REAL Friendship is a gift from God!

Image result for purple HEARTS BLOG DIVIDER

THANK-full for those Glade air fresheners that have the batteries and a can of sweet smelling room deodorizers that you can set to automatically spray at intervals during the day!

Image result for purple HEARTS BLOG DIVIDER

THANK-full for time spent with my Momma.

Image result for purple HEARTS BLOG DIVIDER

Especially THANK-full for the most precious grand kiddos on the planet!  As Silas was leaned back on my lap watching a movie.....

Silas, whispering:  "Nannie, I love you."
Nannie: "I love you, too, sweet Boy."
Then, he takes his little arm and crooks it up under my chin and around my neck and pulls me close.
Be still my heart!!!

Image result for purple HEARTS BLOG DIVIDER

THANK-full for the invite from my sister-in-law to come play with her precious grand-girl. What a joy when she finally warmed up to me and let me pick her up and she laid her sweet little head on my shoulder. Babies are the best therapy, Y'all! And, she sent me home with a huge bowl of homemade chicken casserole. 

Image result for purple HEARTS BLOG DIVIDER

THANK-full that it's FINALLY getting cool enough for the first pot of homemade chili and hot tamales!

Image result for purple HEARTS BLOG DIVIDER

Finally had the energy to vacuum and dust the house for which I'm pretty sure my floors and furniture was very THANK-full!

Image result for purple HEARTS BLOG DIVIDER

THANK-full for those who sense you might be struggling and take the time to let you know how much they care!

Image result for purple HEARTS BLOG DIVIDER

Y'all I have the most awesome PCP. I went to her a few weeks ago with my vertigo and before she left the room she said, "Let me pray with you." She got up, took my hands in hers and prayed the most precious prayer. 
How awesome is that?!

Image result for purple HEARTS BLOG DIVIDER

A Bible study I went through a few years ago asked the question "when are you the most real?" I feel I can be the most real when I write my blog posts. I can share from my heart in words that I might not ever be able to express to your face. I can be vulnerable and real and honest and not have to be fearful of criticism. I can share my love of Jesus and that's truly what my blog is all about anyway!

Image result for purple HEARTS BLOG DIVIDER

And, this is in no way is the end of things I'm THANK-full for, but I could never in the world find the right words to even begin to express how grateful I am that the God in heaven loves me and cares about me and what I'm going through and sends His blessings on me each and every day and how He speaks to my heart through His word EXACTLY what I need to hear, whether it be encouragement or a reprimand - it still shows His love for me like a good, good Father should!

Image result for purple HEARTS BLOG DIVIDER