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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

{ Wednesday's Word - Timing }

Bible Quotes On Gods Timing

As many of you know, Pappy had a work injury on February 19th of this year.  Because of the doctor's work restrictions, his employer wouldn't allow him to come back to work.  It's his employer's policy to use annual and sick leave to supplement the percentage that worker's comp pays, so all of his leave was completely wiped out. Because of that, we were going to have to start paying for my insurance out of pocket beginning September 1st.  Since he gets paid every 2 weeks, the plan was to take a check to his employer last Friday to pay for the insurance because he wouldn't get paid again until after the beginning of September.  Last Thursday afternoon, my cell phone rang and it showed my husband's employer and the lady asked for him.  I thought they were calling to see if he wanted his work comp check mailed since he didn't have to actually come in to sign for anything because he wasn't getting an actual check from his work.  Instead, they were telling him to show up at 7:00 Friday morning because they had found him a position that he could do. Yes, it was very sudden, and yes I did question why they couldn't have found him something long before they did and yes I did wonder if worker's comp hadn't stepped in and told them to find him a position since it had been exactly 6 months to the day.....
February 19, 2016 - August 19, 2016

Bible Quotes On Gods Timing

But, what I realized most that this was all in God's timing.  The very day we were going to pay for my insurance, God provided something so very unexpected.....
a job.
A job that will now pay for my insurance instead of us paying out of pocket.  He will also start accumulating leave again.  God did this when He led Pappy to this employer in the first place.  He had been out of work EXACTLY one year when God provided a job for him.  Oh, what a struggle that year was on so many levels, not just financially.

Bible Quotes On Gods Timing

I'm sharing all of this to say this.....

TRUST God and HIS timing.

During this 6 months I've tried to figure and plan and check into and make calls which I look back on and see were all for naught.  I wasn't completely giving it all to God, I was trying to work things out and figure out how to "make it work".  Then, God in all His wisdom once again shows up "at just the right time".

Bible Quotes On Gods Timing

Was I surprised?
Yes, and no, if that makes sense.
I KNOW God can do and handle any and all situations, and that doesn't surprise me.  But, it never ceases to amaze me at HIS timing, which is exciting and wonderful and just like Him!!!

Ain't God good?
Oh, yes He is!!!

HOPE sharing this helps somebody else who is waiting on the Lord. Take it from somebody who tries to get in there and fix things and "make" them work in the way she thinks is best.....

Give it to God and let Him do the work!

Monday, August 22, 2016

{ Dear Friend..... }

I'm so enjoying doing the study Fit For My King with my sweet Friend, Ms. Barb.  I'm gleaning so much more reading it through and jotting down notes the second time than I  did the first go-round.  It's so important in everything that we do in this life to have an accountability partner.  Left on our own, lots of excuses will be made to just give up or take a day off or whatever we tell ourselves at any given moment.  As I was reading yesterday's devotional, this verse of scripture stood out to me.  I looked it up in the NLT and loved how it was worded in that version because it used the word "friend".

This is my prayer for each and every person who visits my blog, leaves a sweet comment here or on Facebook, sends me a personal e-mail, whatever you do that brings a word of encouragement to my heart and soul.

I sincerely HOPE you have a Marvelous Monday chock full of blessings!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Friday, August 19, 2016

{ Friday Foto Friends #41 }

 It wasn't intentional, but it seems I focused on trees this week.  
Here's a few pics I captured on a morning walk and at my Mom's.

I'm so excited for the weekend because of the expectation of HOPEfully getting to see one of my dearest friends.  
It's probably been five years and that's way too long!

Looking forward to seeing everybody's pics for FFF.

HOPE you have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

{ An Inquiring Mind Wants to Know }

Hey, sweet People!

I've got a personal question for y'all today.

What's your all-time favorite Bible verse, or verses.....
something that you seem to just return to because it speaks to your ?

I've got a reason for asking, but that's a secret!

PLEASE take just a minute to let me know either here, via e-mail at, or on my Facebook Page.  You can click on the link below to go there.....

Here are a few of mine.....

HOPE everybody has an awesome Thursday!

And, don't forget.....
tomorrow is Friday Foto Friends!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

{ Wednesday's Word - Accountability }

"The first fall of man was between a woman and food - could that be why women have been struggling with this food issue and our body image ever since?"
~~~Sheri Rose Shepherd~~~

I told y'all about this book......

in this post, Fit For My King.

I highly recommend that you get the book if you struggle with how you've taken care of your body over the years. From speaking to other ladies, I know I'm not in this boat alone.  If you have no problems in that area, just the devotions are well worth the 30 days it will take for you to finish this very well-written and in my opinion, God-ordained journey written by Ms. Sheri Rose Shepherd (who, is now going through cancer treatments).  She is open and honest about her past and how she overcame the guilt and shame she carried around but only through her salvation and faith in Jesus Christ.

One of the sweetest and most thoughtful ladies I've ever met, Ms. Barbara, asked me if I would pray about doing this devotional and eating plan with her.  We both had already gone through the 30 days of devotions, but hadn't stuck with the recommended eating plan.  As we talked on the phone, I shared with her that I did my best at sticking to a plan if I was being held accountable.   I did pray about it and was a bit torn as to what to tell her, but then I realized it was simply Satan holding me back and telling me "you can't stick to such a rigid plan."  He really likes to get into our heads and convince us we cannot accomplish something when God tells us in His word that we can do ALL things through His strength.  SONday morning, before our SS class, I told Ms. Barbara, "YES"......
and during our class one of the best SS teachers I've ever had (besides Ms. Thelma, of course) shared during our lesson how we need to be accountable to one another.  After class, we told said that we knew his statement was a confirmation we'd made the right decision!  Ain't God so good at showing up at just the right time with exactly the right words?

So, our journey has begun.
She has a goal......
I have a goal!
Not sure mine can be met in only 30 days, but we're hoping this will be the start of a brand new journey in taking care of our "temple" and giving God ALL the Glory!

Who knows.....
in the future, this might turn into something a group of us girls can do together.

1 thessalonians 5:11 HD Wallpaper

(if you're interested in what this plan consists of, 
please contact me  When I say "rigid", it's actually a low-carb diet and for a sugarholic like myself, that's tough!)

HOPE everybody has a Wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

{ Tutorial Tuesday }

Do y'all like to journal?
Or, maybe just like to have something to write on to take notes as you're reading your Bible and doing your devotions?

I love pretty journals, but not so much what some of them cost.
So, what's a girl to do?
Why, make her own, of course!

I started with a composition book that you can buy pretty cheap right now because of all the school supplies on sale.....

Dug out my stash of scrapbook papers and embellishments......

Grabbed a pair of scissors and a glue stick......

uh-oh, I didn't get pics, but y'all know what those look like.

Decided what colors I wanted my journal and started cutting and gluing and embellishing and came up with this.....


Did y'all notice the binding?
It's actually duct tape that my sweet friend, Stephanie, from church got me!

I've already starting using it to take notes as I do the Fit For My King devotional study with another friend from church, Ms. Barbara. I also took it to the doctor's office yesterday to jot down some notes about my Momma's visit.

How about y'all?
Have you ever made a journal/notebook similar to this?  
I'd love to see your version.
(I bet Ms. Mary's made one!)

HOPE everybody has a Terrific Tuesday!