Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Fotos.....

Our grand-boys have played Upward soccer for several years now, 
but our grand-girl got in on the action this year.  The boys are insistent that Pappy and Nannie be at EVERY.SINGLE.GAME.  We actually missed three.  Two of those we kept the baby because it was a bit too cold to for him to be outdoors.  The last game Pappy attended, but Nannie was in the ER with our girl and her poor, pitiful ankle.  (prayers still appreciated)

In Upward, the kids are taught so much more than just how to play the game of soccer (or basketball).  They're taught respect and there's always prayer and devotions at every game.  As an example, a player got hurt on our oldest grand-boys team and the coach immediately hollered to the kids "take a knee".  Each of them dropped down to one knee in respect for the fallen player. I was so touched seeing all those little fellows down on one knee.

Here are a few pics of our sweet grand-kiddos at the first soccer game of the season.....

Baby boy in his fox hat made with love just for him by his Nannie!!!

Our one and only grand-girl.
Fashionista, or soccer player?
If you could watch her play, you'd pick fashionista....LOL!
The little ones are a hoot to watch.
But, isn't she beautiful?
Or, is that just a Nannie talking?
No...she's beautiful!!!

This kid is AWESOME on the soccer field.
He has already been "recruited" by a gentleman who is a pro.
But, it's not just his athletic ability.
He takes no pride in how many goals he makes
(but Pappy and Nannie do).
He doesn't care to set up the ball for another player to make the goal.
He'll give that player a "high five" to encourage him.
If somebody falls in the game, even if that player isn't on this boy's team, he'll stop and see if he's badly injured.
This sweet boy wants to be a missionary.
Oh, how this Nannie delights in this precious little soul!!!

This pic was an "accident", but I ♥ it.....
an accidental action shot!
No, you can't see our oldest grand-boy's face, but he'd like it that way.
He's always been quite the shy one.  I love that he's still not too bit to sit on Pappy and Nannie's lap!

As all you grandparents reading this know,
there's absolutely NOTHING.IN.THE.WORLD that can compare to our grands!
What blessings they are!!!

Proverbs 17:6
Grandchildren are the crowning glory of the aged.

Psalm 145:4
Let each generation tell its children of your mighty acts;
    let them proclaim your power.

Happy Friday, Everybody!
HOPE y'all have a great Memorial Day weekend.

Have fun....
stay safe....
enjoy life!!!

Breathing in Grace,

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wednesday's Word - Distraction.....

I've  got to be the world's worst, or maybe I should say the world's best at getting distracted.  I started reading my Psalm for the day one morning and found myself reading the same verses over.....
and over.....
and over.....
when I suddenly realized I had no clue what I had just read.
There was a dog barking.
My mind kept racing.
Pappy was home sick.
I kept checking text messages on my phone.
I was over thinking situations going on in my life and playing different scenarios in my head.
I was thirsty.
And, I needed to go to the bathroom.
Okay, that last one was totally TMI!!

What about you?
Are you easily distracted, too?
PLEASE say yes!

HOPE everybody has a Wonderful Wednesday!

Breathing in Grace,

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The spice of life.....

I thought I'd share a bit of the "variety" that's been happening in my life lately.

Our grandson, Sawyer, made this for his Nannie.
I  it.

Sweet Mother's Day flowers from my hubby.
And, why, yes, they are in a green ball jar.....
(found in the floral department at Wally World)
and did you notice they'r PURPLE?
See the basket to the left of the flowers?
My friend, Ms. Kathy, gave that to me after she returned from their last mission trip to Uganda.
that's where our grand-girl was born!

My Mom found this wooden needle holder in  Mamaw's old treadle sewing machine....
and I begged asked her for it.
Notice the date is just 5 days after my birthday.....
well, except I'm not QUITE that old.....LOL!

I adore succulents and have LOTS of hens and chickens.
If any of you are local, and you'd like some PLEASE don't hesitate to ask  because I'll be more than happy to share.
My first ones came from my Mammie (my paternal grandmother) and I now have lots of containers of them and have given them away.
They thrive when they're overcrowded.

And, speaking of succulents.....
just look at what Pappy got me for Mother's Day.
Oh, how happy these made my heart!
Unlike the hens and chickens, 
I think I'll have to bring these inside this winter.
I planted them in an old galvanized bucket that came from my Mamaw.

Our grand girl loves the color pink.....
and elephants.
So, what's a Nannie to do, but make her a shirt!

Our girl called me last Friday afternoon and asked if I could take her to the ER.
It was the 3 oldest grands last soccer game and her hubby was taking them to the game.  Pappy and I were getting ready to go ourselves.
The triage nurse, PA, and x-ray tech all thought it was broken, 
but PRAISE THE LORD it wasn't and didn't require surgery......
something they let us know almost FIVE hours later!
We were both exhausted when we  finally got home after 11 PM!
It's very badly sprained and she's still having trouble walking on it.
Prayers appreciated!

So, we're sitting in church Sunday evening and I feel my phone vibrate.
I had gotten a text from Jess telling me.....
"It can get worse...
check your e-mail"!
Pappy and I immediately knew something was wrong and when the picture downloaded, it was the one above.  Our oldest grandson had fallen off the retainer wall and scraped his leg on concrete cinder blocks.
After it was all said and done and we knew he was okay.....
Nannie wanted to know if he was trying to fly!
Yes, I do have a warped sense of humor!

I've been meaning to show y'all this for quite some time,
but keep forgetting.
It hangs over the computer desk and I love looking up at it.
The old window frame came from the garage at my Papaw and Mamaw's house.
I just used embroidery tacks and twine for the "clothes line".
I printed off words that speak to my heart and added a few pictures of loved ones. That's my Mamaw making her famous  biscuits in the last picture.

I made our daughter the dish towel on the left because she loves those colors.
I was walking through a thrift store one day and saw the pitcher and knew I had to get it for her, too.
Isn't it awesome how well they go together?

I've just gotta show off what my girl got her Momma for Mother's Day.
Isn't it beautiful?
It's a "tree of life".
The four "jewels" at the top represent Pappy and me and Jess and her hubby.
The others are our four grand-kiddos!
I'm so blessed!!!

So, that's just a few things that have added some "spice" to my life lately.

Luke 6:38
Give, and you will receive. 
Your gift will return to you in full—
pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, 
running over, and poured into your lap. 
The amount you give will determine the amount you get back.

HOPE everybody has a terrific Tuesday.

Breathing in Grace,

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Taking God out of the box.....

I first started blogging in August of 2007.
I had quit my full-time job the previous August and was looking for a way to make some extra money, so I started blogging to show some of my creations.

the very first post that I did that I felt was totally inspired by God came to me one morning as I was walking.  I can remember almost the exact spot I was at on the main road going thru our subdivision.  

I doubt many of you reading this have followed me that long,
so I thought it might be fun to go back and re-post that very first.....
"blog for God",
published on May 18, 2008.....
seven years ago today!

You're gonna find as you read my little blog that I have a lot of questions?!?!....and I skip around a lot....just how the mind of an old lady works.
here's what's on my mind today..............
What kind of relationship do you have with God?????
I'm not asking if you've accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior..... 
but, if you have.....
what is your relationship like with Him?
Here's what I'm getting at.....
I heard it said that the reason God has so many names in the Bible is so that we can pick the one.....
or ones.....
that we can relate to.
I've always had such a formal relationship with God:
"Dear God"......."In Jesus Name I pray"
I'm not saying that's the wrong way to pray.....
I'm just saying I seem to put up a barrier between me and God, making it so formal that I'm not really laying it all on the line and believing Him totally!!
I loved my earthly Dad with all of my heart.....
and he loved me.....
I just know he did.....
before he died, on Friday before he passed away on Sunday...he wanted to call me, and my Mom told him I probably wasn't home from work yet....then, he didn't do it, and to this day I wonder what he wanted. I said once that was the first thing I would ask him when I get to heaven, but do you think that's gonna matter when I get to heaven??? I'm gonna be in HEAVEN, people!!!

Okay...I told you I tend to ramble....back to topic....
My earthly Dad.....he would hug me and kiss me on the check (sometimes without his teeth and his lips would be all over my face...just thought I'd throw that in for a visual effect)....
he would hug me and make me feel so loved......
I truly feel that is what my Heavenly Father wants....even more...our SS lesson today is on the friendship between David and Jonathan....I have some good friends....I share stuff with them that I wouldn't go tell the daughter and hubby are my best friends...they know me like a book (especially Jessica Leigh)...she can practically read my my "earthly" friends can do much more can God?
So....from this point on....I'm taking God out of the box.....and giving myself to Him....just like my earthly Dad was a provider....a comforter....a hugger....a shower of his love for his daughter....oh, how much more does my heavenly Dad want for me? I want to picture myself wrapped in His loving arms instead of standing at arms length wondering if it's okay to get too close!!!!

please let me know you're thoughts.....
I know this is all over the page, but I hope you get the gist of what I'm trying to say.

Breathing in Grace,

Sunday, May 17, 2015

SONday Morning Song - Holy Spirit.....

Holy Spirit, You Are welcome here.
Come flood this place and fill the atmosphere.
Your Glory, God, is what our hearts long for.
To be overcome by Your Presence, Lord!

Let us become more aware of Your presence.
Let us experience the Glory of Your goodness.

May we invite the Holy Spirit into our homes this morning.....
and into our churches.....
but first of all.....
into our heart, mind and soul!

HOPE everybody has an awesomely blessed SONday!!!

Breathing in Grace,

Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Foto.....

Mother's Day 2015

And, here's what Sam and RK were laughing at......

I had to have a picture to document my man holding a chicken.
Oh, the things we do for our grand kiddos!

HOPE everybody has an awesome weekend.
Have fun....
stay safe....
enjoy life!!!

Breathing in Grace,

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wednesday's Word - Rain.....

I've shared before that sometimes when I spend time with the Lord,  He will speak to me about a certain word to ponder on.  He probably does it more than I realize.....
I just get a bit distracted at times.
Actually, a post all about distraction will probably show up soon!

Yesterday, I felt Him nudging me to focus on  the word "rain".  We really need rain in our neck of the woods, but that wasn't what prompted me to do a bit of research on rain in the Bible.  This is part of the verse that I first read that spoke to me.....

Psalm 72:6b
"refreshing like spring rain on freshly cut grass"

First of all, I never really thought about the grass being cut Biblical times, did you?  But, I completely understood the picture that was being painted by those sweet words.  There's nothing like a spring rain that makes every thing "green-up" and just seems to clear the air.

Here are a few other examples of "rain" found in the Scriptures.....

This verse reminded me that God sends refreshment to us in all seasons of our lives.

Again, the Bible reminds us that no matter how bad we think the situation might be at the time to just wait.  God hasn't forgotten us.  He sees what we're going through and He will "soon" send rain.  I just have to remember that my definition of "soon" is probably not the same as God's.

I Kings 18:1
"tell him that I will soon send rain"

Sometimes we feel that as Christians, we shouldn't have to suffer  through trials and troubles and tribulations, especially if we see someone who might not be truly trying to live a Christian life get all the breaks.  This verse tells us that God doesn't just send "rain" (meaning those "bad" things) on the unjust, but also on the "just"!

Proof that God answers the prayers of His believers.....

This last verse reminds us to be very careful who we hang out with.....
who we choose to be our "friends".

Jude 1:9-12
When these people eat with you in your fellowship meals commemorating the Lord’s love, they are like dangerous reefs that can shipwreck you. They are like shameless shepherds who care only for themselves. They are like clouds blowing over the land without giving any rain. They are like trees in autumn that are doubly dead,  for they bear no fruit and have been pulled up by the roots.

Choose people who will keep us on the "straight and narrow".  This doesn't mean living life as a stick in the mud. It just means that as Christians, we truly need to surround ourselves with like-minded people.  Often we think we can influence them to our way of thinking and instead the opposite will happen and they will only serve to drag us down.  

I'm so glad that God pointed out this word for me to PONDER on.
I HOPE that I'll be able to look at rain differently from now on!

And, don't forget what often comes during those rains.....

Another reminder that God has something beautiful in store for us after the "storms" of life!!!

Ain't God good?
Oh, yes HE is!

Breathing in Grace,


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