Monday, June 5, 2023

{ Boundaries and Discipline }

You know how so many of us pray for God to give us a focus word each year?  Often it's a word that keeps showing up and we pretty much know that's the one. God sent the word "boundaries" into my life several years ago, through an unexpected source. I had asked for some advice from my son-in-love, who is one of the finest Christian men I know (not to mention he's the Daddy to my grands 😍). He told me that I needed to set boundaries and that word has shown up in my life so many times. Another word God spoke to me at the beginning of this year was "discipline". As I pondered on this word I realized just how hand-in-hand it goes with setting boundaries, so both words have been "my words for 2023". 

The advice my son-in-law gave me had absolutely nothing to do with food, but that's where my discipline and boundaries seem to require the most work (well, along with too much time looking at my phone, but I digress). I lost a signifigant amount of weight beginning in April of 2022 and it continued during my stay with Mom. I actually felt like I'd maybe lost too much because I was feeling so tired and run down. When I went to the doctor in March of this year for sciatica, I had gained from my last appointment and my doctor told me that I needed to gain. I've NEVER in my 68 years of life had a doctor tell me that I needed to gain weight. My daughter told me recenly that she felt I looked better now. But, here's my reason for this post.....


Not even my doctor nor my precious daughter saying those things to me can justify my addiction to food, especially sugar. I've known this about myself for a very long time. If I take that first bite of anything sweet (actually, any carb, which as we know turns to sugar)....then I'm out of control. Have you read the book Sweet Freedom by Teresa Shields Parker? It talks exactly about the effects sugar has on me, and so many others, including the author of the book. I've gotten back into some of those same old habits that got me into such a terrible shape in the first place....turning to food when I'm stressed and especially when I'm tired (which seems to be most of the time these days....old age?).

 Another area I've allowed to slack is my walking. Walking is supposed to be good for sciatica, but sometimes my sciatica kept me from walking so it was a vicious cycle.   

But....I decided that because of something that's going on for the next 3 weeks, it's the perfect time to regroup....

through DISCIPLINE and setting BOUNDARIES....

and sharing for the accountability!

Can anybody relate?

(And can we blame it on Eve since she seemed to have started this vicious cycle with food with that bite of the 'forbidden fruit'? Just kidding....kinda! 😊)

Happy Monday, Y'all!

Saturday, June 3, 2023

{ Friday Foto Friends }

 Y'all, I need to make an apology to those of you who visit me and leave a sweet comment. I'm the world's worst at visiting but I hope my excuse is a good one. I have difficulty leaving a message from my phone and I don't get on the desktop a great lot. I promise I'll try to do better.....

and at posting on Friday and not Saturday morning.


My little garden plot.
I have several varieties of tomatoes, bell pepper, cukes, and okra....
oh, and flowers coming up along the sides!

These are just the best little cherry tomatoes.
The variety is called Sungold and they're like eating candy. 
I've had 3 so far!

This probably looks like a big mess to some of you, but it makes my heart so happy. I've wanted a potting bench for quite some time. One day I realized that I already had one. This is a baker's rack that was in the kitchen at one time, then served as a shelf on the back it's my potting bench located under the carport and near my little garden. I have access to my garden tools hanging on the rack to the left (found that at Harbor Freight) and my water barrell. Notice the old bushel basket at the bottom that I found in the building at Mom's with my Daddy's name on it...the mailbox was our first one we had when we built our house in 1979 and it holds my gardening gloves.

I love it all!!!

Beautiful lillies....
they're called "garnet" which is my birthstone!

HOPE everybody has a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

{ Moments With Mom }

Sometimes Mom would say things that I found somewhat funny...or maybe I had to look for the humor. 

Mom: Do you live around here?

Me: Do you know who I am?

Mom: Debbie?

Me: Yes, I'm your daughter.

Mom: I thought that was you. 
They grow up fast. 
Before you know it they're old....
but you don't look old.

Me: I'm 67 (at that time)

Mom: Well, you don't look it.

I think she was trying to redeem herself with a couple of those statements....bless her heart. 💜

I was sitting outside this morning after my walk and getting my little garden and flowers watered... and just feeling more joy and peace and contentment than I've had in a while. I felt something lifting from me over the weekend. I can remember after my Daddy passed away the exact place I was when I realized that I didn't feel as sad....the grocery store. God has a sense of humor because that's one of my least favorite places to go.

 Grief is a thief, Y'all....

but I believe I'm crawling out of it. 

And, seeing brand new life kinda helps to put things into perspective, too. 

(nest in one of my ferns)

HOPE everybody has a wonderful day. 
I'm heading to stay with the "littles"....
they're so good for this Nannie's heart!