Monday, December 2, 2019

{ The Life of Christ }

Luke 1:25a
How kind the Lord is!

Luke 1:37
Nothing is impossible with God.

Luke 1:46-55
Mary's Song of Praise

Luke 1:68-79
Zechariah's Prophecy

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

{ The Truth Hurts }

I really didn't need two little boys to point out 
that a certain part of their Nannie's anatomy was rather large.....
and then the bath scale to confirm their observation. 
But, all 3 couldn't / didn't lie. 

Out of the mouth of babes....  
and a digital scale! 

💙 ☺ 💙 

Sunday, November 17, 2019

{ SONday Morning Song }

"Being liked and loved by everyone
Approval that outshines the sun
Cheered by all who think of me
You are better than all these things"

I read an article on a Facebook link this morning that went right along with these lyrics and I think so many of us can relate. We long to be liked and loved and accepted by EVERYONE.  We want to be made to feel whole and beautiful and .....
well, fill in the  blank.....
when in reality that's probably not ever going to happen. 


JESUS is better than anything!