Thursday, December 14, 2017

{ Wednesday's Word (on a Thursday) - Fierce }


having or displaying an intense or ferocious aggressiveness;  showing a heartfelt and powerful intensity

Jeremiah 20:11
But GOD, a most fierce warrior, is at my side. 
Those who are after me will be sent sprawling.

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"A mighty warrior"

I can just imagine God fully dressed out in all His armor coming to my defense.....
or whatever attire it might take depending on the situation.   I do know at times He sends others to come to our rescue and all the time He's behind the scenes orchestrating every single move.

I've seen His power just this week through the prayers of His sweet people. I'm usually not one to ask for prayer for myself but one day this week I was getting a bit overwhelmed because life was coming at me from all sides. Y'all, I KNOW I'm not in this boat alone, but when we're going through those stressful times we sometimes feel like we're all alone in a boat full of holes and more keep popping up and we're fixing to go under. So I reached out to Pappy's brothers and sisters and sisters in love and asked for prayer for my Mom.....
and myself.

I'm here to tell you that within just a few minutes I felt the fog start to lift and God was renewing my Spirit and the prayers of our precious family were starting to plug up those holes and I knew I was gonna be able to stay afloat!

The first definition above, "having or displaying an intense or ferocious aggressiveness".....
that reminds me of the verse in James that tells us that "the effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man (woman) availeth much". 
Simply put.....


And, the second definition.....
"showing a heartfelt and powerful intensity".....

that's not only God's love for us but should also describe for HIM and others!


That could very well be my word for 2018!

Happy Thursday, sweet Friends (and family)!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

{ Read and pray the CHRISTmas story }

I just came across something I want to share with Y'all.  I think I found it on Pinterest but since I hop around all over the Internet sometimes, it's hard for me to remember.....
well, that plus my memory these days!

I went to the site where I found the PDF to download and print and I thought some of you might be interested, too.  I know we're a bit behind, but the readings aren't lengthy so it won't take long to get caught up.   Just click the image below to go to the website, Free Indeed, or just right click on the image to print.

 Dani, the young mother who authors Free Indeed offers lots of other free downloads.   

We've got a dusting of snow here in East Tennessee and it's beautiful on the trees.....
plus, the birds are going crazy at the feeders, which is one of my favorite things to enjoy in the wintertime!

Happy Saturday!

Friday, December 8, 2017

{ Friday Foto Friends #108 }

I thought I'd share a few of our CHRISTmas decorations with Y'all and tell you some of the stories behind them.  

I bought this nativity set from a lady I worked with the first year Pappy and I was married and this is our 42nd CHRISTmas together. The stable is what has such a precious meaning. Pappy and my sweet Daddy built it together. Many times I've thought about buying a smaller one but I just can't make myself not use this one.
(since I took this picture I've moved the star to the top because I couldn't see the angel)

My owl tree.
I told Pappy that might not be very "religious" but God made owls, right?  I enjoy it most in the night and early mornings when I can't sleep and I have it all to myself.

Owls and burlap and snowflakes, oh my!

This, Y'all, is one of my favorites.
Pappy and our girl made these little nativities one CHRISTmas and gave them as gifts.....
and, Momma (me) didn't get one.  When my mother-in-law passed away and her things were divided among her children I was given this because Jess and Pappy had made it. I think it's just the sweetest! The Jesus ornament came from Dollar General several years ago.

A little bit of happy over the kitchen table.

An angel of HOPE from my girl.

Stockings I made for our grand-kiddos a few years ago.

Our front door lit up at night.

This is probably more wintery than Christmasy!
I made the pillow several years ago out of a placemat.....

HOPE everybody is enjoying this very special CHRISTmas season when we celebrate the birth of JESUS CHRIST our SAVIOR!!!

Happy Friday, Everybody.....
HOPE you have a wonderful weekend!

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

{ Can we talk? }

Not the greatest fan of Katherine Hepburn, but I did hear her say in an interview once that sometimes she'd look at herself in the mirror and wonder who that old woman was. She went on to say that in her mind she was still the same as she'd always been, but it was that image in the mirror that puzzled her!

So, that's the gist of what I'm thinking about today?

I'm gonna ask a few questions and would love for you to chime in with a comment answering some of these burning questions!

Image result for burning questions

How are you handling aging?
(for those of you who are getting old(er) like me)

Do you have a certain "beauty regimen"?

Are there certain skin products that you just can't live without, like moisturizers, cleansers, etc.?

What brand/type make-up do you use?
Do you wear makeup?
What about sunscreen?

Do you exercise?
Go to the gym?
Walk for exercise?

Do you follow a certain diet?
Or eating plan?
Are you a low-carb follower, or low-fat?
What about all those plans out there like Paleo, Keto, etc.? 
(Y'all there's too many to list)

Do you hurt?
Are you finding each day there's another ache or pain?
And, if so, what do you do about that?
Are you on a prescription med for arthritis?
Do you use over-the-counter remedies?
Creams, lotions, ointments, essential oils?

Or, are you just letting nature take its course and doing absolutely nothing and accepting that we're gonna change and those lumps and bumps are just a part of aging?

Do you color your hair?
Or, like me, have you embraced the gray?

I certainly have an inquiring mind today, huh?

Whoever said getting old ain't for sisses must have already experienced some of the things I'm going through!

Have a terrific Tuesday.....

(if you can since I've gotten our minds on some not so pleasant thoughts!)

Image result for cardinal old age

And, just so you know, this was all for fun.....
well, except I do have a nosey inquiring mind!

Friday, December 1, 2017

{ Friday Foto Friends #107 }

Y'all, life seems to keep getting busier and busier so my foto taking has been kinda slack.  I did manage to take these three pics to share today.  

Last Friday I took a stroll over to the woods while Pappy worked on Mom's lawn mower.   Am I the only person who likes the look of lichen and moss growing on old logs?

I found these beautiful leaves in Mom's yard but I think they must have come from a tree in the neighbor's yard. They were really thick and looked like they'd been gold and silver leafed.

The sun started to set before Pappy finished up and this was the view to the west.....

HOPE everybody has a great weekend.

We'll be celebrating Pappy's birthday!
And hopefully decorating for CHRIST-mas!

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