Breathing in His grace.....breathing out His praise!!!

Breathing in His grace.....breathing out His praise!!!

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014


(this post is somewhat a continuation of "Square Pegs")

On-line Games.....
Smart phones.....
Social Media!!!

One of the reasons that I decided to step away from the blog a few weeks ago was to take a time to  to regroup.  I had become so connected that I was disconnected.
Does that make sense?

Several months ago, I deleted my Facebook account because of that very thing.....
along with other reasons!!!
(for a couple of awesome articles about that topic, 
click here and here)

But, I found that there are still way too many things that keep me connected to the world, that I get more and more disconnected from my family and my true friends....
but most importantly from God!

I also had to delete a couple of games that I had downloaded on the Kindle and my phone that were taking up way too much of my time.  I realized this one night as I sat and played a game and hadn't picked up my Bible at all that day because I had gotten sidetracked earlier in the morning.

Just keepin' it real, y'all!
I could just imagine how disappointed God was in me.

So how 'bout y'all?
Do you sometimes feel that you're so connected.....
that you're disconnected?
Or, am I the only one?!?!

Breathing in Grace,


p.s....please know that I'm in no way condemning anybody who uses any form of social media, especially Facebook.  I heard an awesome story on our local news recently about a lady who found her long lost sister via Facebook.  It certainly has a lot of positive things going for it.  I'm just saying that God convicted my heart to close my account almost 3 months ago, and I have had no desire to go back!

Monday, July 28, 2014

My peaceful place.....

I made mention of my "peaceful place" a few weeks ago.
It's our front porch.
That's where I spend some mornings reading my Bible and devotionals.
And, if I get a bit stressed.....
I just go out there and sit and listen to the birds and watch the squirrels play in the yard.....
and watch the leaves flow in the breeze and feel it on my skin.....
and pray.....
and the stress seems to start to melt away!

(our front door mat.....
a gift from our girl)

We live in a fairly crowded neighborhood.....
houses on all four sides of ours.
(some day I would love to move to a piece of property my Mom is giving us.....
out in a big open field.....
by ourselves.....
but that's just a dream!)
(wicker rocker belonged to my great grandmother.....
Rock City birdhouse from a Cracker Barrel sidewalk sale in Asheville, NC several years ago.....
Welcome sign from Lowe's.....
old milk can, given to me by our girl)

(many years ago, Pappy and Jess bought this chair at an antique store for my birthday.....

she painted it red and Pappy redid the seat)
(one of two flower pots on the porch.....
and, yes it needs a coat of paint, 
but I kinda like the chippy condition!!!
The church pew in the background was from the church where I was born and raised)

One of my favorite spots on the front porch is this swing, 
where I sit when I'm out on the porch.
We've had a swing on the porch for many years.
My first one was a Mother's Day gift and we still have it, 
but it's somewhere else in the yard now.
When Jess was little, 
we would sit in the swing and wait on the school bus in the mornings before I headed to work.
This particular swing was given to us by our "back door neighbor".....
my sweet friend, Ms. Jan.

And, this is my view while sitting in my favorite spot.....
breathing in Grace!!!

Romans 15:13
  I pray that God, the source of hope
will fill you completely with joy and peace 
because you trust in Him. 
Then you will overflow with confident hope 
through the power of the Holy Spirit.

How 'bout you?
Do you have a "peaceful place"?

Hope you have an awesome Monday and rest of the week!!!

Breathing in Grace,


Sunday, July 27, 2014

SONday Morning Song - Almighty God.....

Mr. Michael Combs was one of my mother-in-law's favorite singers!
I heard this song Friday afternoon and knew it would be perfect for today's song!!!

You're my Joy 
You're my peace
You're my comfort in time of need
You're my refuge 
You're my rock 
You're the one I depend on
You're the road to hope when the light grows dim
When the waves of doubt come crashing in
You're my anchor in the troubled storm 
Almighty God!

Breathing in Grace,


Saturday, July 26, 2014

If the shoe fits.....

It all started with a $1.00 pair of canvas shoes I found at a yard sale.....
add to that my adoration of all things pertaining to owlies.....
and I've got myself a pair of cute shoes!!!

This is Nannie.....
that's me!!!

And, these little cuties represent our grands.....
baby Silas, Sawyer, Sam, and Ruby Kate.

And, here they are side by side!!!

They're definitely not perfect.....
'cause I'm not an artist!

And, I didn't realize how big I painted "me" until I took pictures.
Guess I was just keepin' it real!!!


Hope y'all are having an awesome Saturday!!!

Breathing in Jesus,


Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Foto.....

Meet Samuel David.....
but you can call him Sam.

Today is his 8th birthday.

He's funny and quirky and silly, 
but can be very serious and mature and asks more questions than you could ever possibly be able to answer.  He's an awesome big brother and he's my helper when I have all four of the kids.  He does his chores at home and plays hard and reads way beyond his grade level and still isn't too big to give his Pappy and Nannie hugs and kisses and even sit on her lap.....
but he has to be the one who thought of it!
(I think that comes from being a male....;-)

One of my favorite things about this precious boy is how much he loves Jesus.
We always pray before we eat and the kids take turns saying grace.
In the past little while,
Sam's prayers have become more "real".....
know what I mean?
He even prays that everything he does be done for God's glory!

Oh, be still my heart!

Here's why his Momma chose to name him Samuel.....

Thank you Lord, for this precious boy.....
who totally stole his Pappy and Nannie's hearts even before he entered the world!!!

Breathing in Grace,


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ain't God good?.....

I've had the word "peace" on my mind a lot lately.
It's shown up in a lot of devotionals and scripture,
and I told somebody just recently that I'm glad that, for the most part,
my life is very peaceful.  Oh, I know, we all have struggles and trials, but I think I came to that realization trying to help a family member who has so much turmoil and drama going on that I really don't see how they bear up under it all.
(although, a lot of our problems are self-induced.....
can I get an Amen?!?!)

I have a best friend.....
Ms. Dawn!!!
She knew that my heart has been heavy with the death of my friend, Teresa!
I went to the mailbox yesterday.....
and look what she sent me.....

I was already smiling and giving God the glory before I even read the inside.....

I wondered if she was picking out the perfect card about the time I was thinking my thoughts about "peace"!!!

Isaiah 26:3
You will keep in perfect peace
    all who trust in you,
    all whose thoughts are fixed on you!

Thank you, Lord for Your perfect peace,
that You give to my imperfect heart.
Thank You for letting us see Your hand at work.
And, thank you for ordaining friendships.....
especially with my bestie, Ms. Dawn!!!

Ain't God good?
Oh, yes He is!!!

Breathing in Grace,


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wednesday's Word - Laughter.....

Don't y'all agree that I totally NEED this mug?!?!?

Breathing in Grace,


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