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Friday, October 21, 2016

{ Friday Foto Friends #50 }

Are y'all pretty much over the election and debates and political cartoons and bickering and backbiting?
Yeah, me, too!

So, let's just set all that aside and share some pictures with our friends.....

Me and the kiddos found several wooly worms on one of our recent adventures.  Our youngest had a tape measure with him and when I asked him how long it was he very seriously said, "two pounds". 

The kids went camping last weekend at Mountain Lake Ranch on Douglas Lake and we visited them on Saturday morning.  All the following pics were taken there.....

We've experienced some record high temps here in East Tennessee the last few days, 
but today the high is supposed to be close to 20 degrees colder than yesterday.


Sounds like the perfect time for a big pot of homemade chili!

Looking forward to seeing what the rest of y'all share.

HOPE everybody has a great weekend.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

{ Wednesday's Word - Autumn }

These photos are not mine.....
but oh, how I wish I had been where they were taken!  

Our friends have been on a bucket list journey through the New England states and Ms. Kathy told me I could share some of her pics with y'all.


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

{ The Reflection of a King ]

Israel wanted a king. For years God had acted as their provider, protector, and sovereign but in the face of mounting pressure from rival nations and the innate human desire to look and sound like everyone around them Israel wanted a change. They wanted a king that was made of flesh and blood. The prophet Samuel begged them to reconsider. He told them that a king would tax them, oppress them, force them to work for his pleasure, and take their sons off to war. The people were unswayed. It was a king of flesh that they wanted and so it was a king of flesh that God would provide.

When we meet Saul in the the book of 1 Samuel he is everything and more that the people wanted. He was tall, athletic, and handsome. If a group of people were in the market for a king and Saul walked in the room the search would always be over. Saul was king material...or so they thought. Saul proves to be a reflection of the people themselves. Just like Israel he was brash, prideful, arrogant, and quick to make hasty decisions that would have lasting consequences. In looking for a human king what the people really wanted to see themselves on the throne. God would be rejected, Saul would be raised. Human kings would ultimately be the undoing of Israel.

It is a phenomenon of human history that a people’s ruler tend to be a mirror of the people themselves. Post World War I Germany saw a people licking their wounds from a rousing defeat and simmering with anger over perceived slights on the world stage. This sense of pride and a deep desire for nationalism gave birth to Adolf Hitler. On the flip side a fledgling nation in the late 1700s found in George Washington a leader full of humility and grace, but the society that he found his position in had been shaped and molded by the Great Awakening, an awakening that had led an entire populous to repentance and gospel. Leaders do not define the morality of a people, they are a reflection of it.

And so we find ourselves in America today scratching our heads over this particular time in our history. I have heard it said over and over, “How did we end up with these two as our choice for president?” On the outside looking in it is an absurd thought that out of the hundreds of millions of qualified people in our country we are days away from throwing the keys to one of the two of the most unqualified for the job. But if one looks deeper it actually makes so much sense. They are a reflection of who we have become. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are a reflecting pool into the state of our nation’s soul.

When a video was released revealing a man to us that has no respect for women, a man whose speech was filled with obscenity and vulgarity, a man who does not see the beauty in God’s creation of a daughter who is a reflection of his image, we see ourselves. We who are in the church will cry foul at this but the reality is that our churches are filled with those who flock to the movies for a glimpse of 50 Shades or DVR the vulgarity of Game of Thrones. We are unfazed by the fact that everything from toothpaste to car insurance is sold on the backs and bodies of our sisters and daughters sexuality. To stand on a perceived moral high ground and throw rocks at Donald Trump is laughable. We are him and he is us.

On the flip side we are now learning more concretely that Hillary Clinton is a liar and a cheat. She is a woman who will say and do anything to get ahead and feed her need for position and power. Welcome to the current definition of the American dream. We live by the idea that one should do whatever it takes to get ahead. The poor continue to suffer all around us, the american inner city is on fire with oppression and need, there are countless children who are locked in a social services system that is understaffed and underserved. The church is positioned to change the narrative and the reality of the story. We find in Hillary Clinton our doppleganger. Say and do anything to pad the pocket and climb the next rung on the ladder. We are throwing parties while our cities burn.
If a people’s leaders are a reflection of the people then the solution cannot be found in new leadership, it must be found in a new people. God knew that this would be the case. 

After ages of flesh and blood kings leading his people toward destruction God would do the unthinkable. John 1 tells us that the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. The king of heaven became a king of flesh and blood. Jesus was not a reflection of the people he was a reflection of the Father. To look on him is to see the perfection of the Kingdom of Heaven. We have beheld his glory, the glory as the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth. To look upon him is to be changed into his image. To pledge allegiance to his kingdom is to find security and hope. To walk in his footsteps is to see the world set on fire with the hope of his promises. If we want the landscape of our country and our leadership to change, the formula is right before us.

Look to Jesus. 
Hope in Jesus. 
Seek the Kingdom of Jesus.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are not the problem, they are the wake up call. We see in them ourselves. We see in them a call to repentance and prayer.

 A new president cannot save us....
Jesus can.

Monday, October 17, 2016

{ The Jewel Inside }

Wanda B. Goines is a precious 92-year-old woman who shares great wisdom through a poem she wrote and recited to her caretaker, Kathryn Clausnitzer Wilson. Kathryn loved the poem so much that she recorded Wanda reciting the poem and shared it on Facebook. With over 4.5 million views and 187,000 shares, Wanda's sweet poem went viral!

Wanda shared these great words in the video:

"I looked in the mirror and what did I see, but a little old lady peering back at me. With bags and sags and wrinkles and wispy white hair, and I asked my reflection, how did you get there? You once were straight and vigorous and now you're stooped and weak. When I tried so hard to keep you from becoming an antique. My reflection's eyes twinkled as she solemnly replied, you're looking at the gift wrap and not the jewel inside. A living gem and precious of unimagined worth. Unique and true, the real you, the only you on earth. The years that spoil your gift wrap with other things more cruel, should purify and strengthen and polish up that jewel. So focus your attention on the inside, not the out, on being kinder, wiser, more content, and more devout. Then when your gift wrap is stripped away, your jewel will be set free to radiate God's glory throughout eternity."

HOPE each of you has a Marvelous Monday!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

{ SONday go-to-meeting }

Sunday go-to-meeting:
most presentable
appropriate for Sunday churchgoing

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Fixing to put on my SONday go-to-meeting clothes and attend the church of our choice. 
I'm so grateful that we still have that freedom in America.

HOPE each of you has an awesomely blessed SONday go-to-meeting day!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

{ Whatever..... }

As I sat crocheting one evening this week, the TV was on mainly for the "noise". The show wasn't something that I had ever seen before and as I glanced up every now and then from my crochet I felt very convicted because of what I consider pure filth blatantly shown on TV,  things that years ago would have only been shown in an X-rated movie (not that I've ever even seen one, I'm only guessing). I turned the channel but it was too late because the image I had seen on the TV screen was already planted in my head.  The same goes for things shared in Facebook posts. I can't erase some things I've seen from my mind and it breaks my heart at stuff Christians will share and post for everybody to see, including children and grand-kiddos, letting them think that it's okay to slander others, or use foul language. Shouldn't we be trying to set an example for others?  Shouldn't we try to build each other up and love on one another and not completely disown, for lack of a better word, another person just because we don't think like they do? 

 Please don't think that by my words here that I feel like I'm in any way superior to anybody because I was told that once and it just broke my heart and made me question myself and my actions.  I've lost "friends" (a term that is used way too loosely) because of my stand and the fact that I'm considered a "stick in the mud".   I sin each and every single day with my thoughts and actions and things that I fail to do that I know I should or do that I know I shouldn't.  I even realize I've judged those who post those things, which is wrong on my part.  But, isn't that an example of how our actions affect others, even if we don't realize it? As Christians we should want everything that we see, say, and do to honor Christ. 

Oh, how I fail Him each and every single day. I can only HOPE to strive to live up to this verse of scripture......

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Friday, October 14, 2016

{ Friday Foto Friends #49 }

Only 3 weeks to our one-year anniversary celebration!  I'm kinda getting excited.  There's gonna be a give-a-way! Haven't decided just yet what that'll be, but I'm thinking about it!

In the meantime.....
here are some pics I took in our neighborhood and the last one at our daughter and son-in-law's house.  I like to take the grand-kiddos on an "adventure" where we walk through the fields and look at flowers and butterflies and rocks and even recently found some bones. We think they were coyote.....
not human.....LOL!
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This maple tree is actually in our back yard.
It's most always one of the first trees to turn gold and pink.

Looking forward to seeing what pics y'all share this week.

HOPE everybody has a great weekend!