{ Crochet~Sewing~Crafts }

A hat and beard for our oldest grand-boy.....
modeled by Nannie!!! 

A horse for Silas.....

A rag quilt for our niece, Caroline, who is doing her nursery in red, white and navy and airplanes.

Sawyer is really into sharks right now, 
so he NEEDS a shark hat......

A little owlie for fall.....

Owl hats for our great nieces
(can you tell their parents and grandparents are Tennessee Vol fans?).....

Baby sister, Genevieve.....

Big sister, Josie.....

Another little owlie hat for a sweet new baby girl at church (Kia).....

A pillow cover.....

A little sink we "re-purposed" from an "older model" that was probably about 40 years old.  

My "new to me" purse made from a leather coat found at Goodwill!!!
Click here for the details.

Dish towel "refashioned" with teacups and a saucer, ruffles and rick-rack for my special blogging friend, Ms. Mary!

Made pillow covers from a thrift store curtain.
(the flowered fabric and house number)

I love making rag quilts.
They're so easy and simple and make great gifts.
This one was for my cousin's baby boy, Owen.
(I didn't get a pic of the one I made for Miss Quinn)

Hat for Sam

                                      Sawyer's Fox Hat

Miss Ruby Kate looks adorable in this hat

Baby Silas is Foxy

Owl Hat for Baby Emmitt

A Soap "Hammock"

Jess' tin/penny whistle case

Case for a Tin/Penny Whistle


Ruby Kate wanted a little piggy!!!

I've crocheted a white blanket for each of our grandchildren.
This one is #4 and belongs to baby Silas!

Rag Wreath for Baby Clara's nursery door.

Rag Quilt Flag I made for my best friend, Dawn.

Sweet Sawyer in his puppy dog hat.....what he requested!!!

Sam's sock monkey hat!

Owl purse purchased by a friend at church.
I love to see her carrying it!!!

Made this one for our Pastor and his wife's first grand-baby!!!

Miss Aubrey's (our great niece) sock monkey hat.....


  1. Ruby Kate's blanket it just beautiful! Where did you find the pattern, or did you create the pattern?

    All of the little folks are adorable. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. WOW Deb, you do some really amazing work. I've always wanted to learn to sew. Doubt I could ever Crochet. I could probably pull off the rag wreath ;^) heehee

    Have The Best Day Ever!

  3. Hey Deb, Do you still do special requests for crocheting? I want a specific winter hat.


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