Sunday, May 18, 2008

Relationship with God

You're gonna find as you read my little blog that I have a lot of questions?!?!....and I skip around a lot....just how the mind of an old lady works.
here's what's on my mind today..............
What kind of relationship do you have with God?????
I'm not asking are you saved.... but....if you are saved....what is your relationship like with Him???
Here's what I'm getting at.....I heard it said that the reason God has so many names in the Bible is so that we can pick the one...or ones...that we can relate to.
I've always had such a formal relationship with God:
"Dear God"......."In Jesus Name I pray"
I'm not saying that's the wrong way to pray....I'm just saying I seem to put up a barrier between me and God, making it so formal that I'm not really laying it all on the line and believing Him totally!!
I loved my earthly Dad with all of my heart.....and he loved me....I just know he did....before he died, on Friday before he passed away on Sunday...he wanted to call me, and my Mom told him I probably wasn't home from work yet....then, he didn't do it, and to this day I wonder what he wanted. I said once that was the first thing I would ask him when I get to heaven, but do you think that's gonna matter when I get to heaven??? I'm gonna be in HEAVEN, people!!!
Okay...I told you I tend to ramble....back to topic....
My earthly Dad.....he would hug me and kiss me on the check (sometimes without his teeth and his lips would be all over my face...just thought I'd throw that in for a visual effect)....
he would hug me and make me feel so loved......
so................I truly feel that is what my Heavenly Father wants....even more...our SS lesson today is on the friendship between David and Jonathan....I have some good friends....I share stuff with them that I wouldn't go tell the daughter and hubby are my best friends...they know me like a book (especially Jessica Leigh)...she can practically read my my "earthly" friends can do much more can God?
So....from this point on....I'm taking God out of the box.....and giving myself to Him....just like my earthly Dad was a provider....a comforter....a hugger....a shower of his love for his daughter....oh, how much more does my heavenly Dad want for me? I want to picture myself wrapped in His loving arms instead of standing at arms length wondering if it's okay to get too close!!!!
Now...please let me know you're thoughts....I know this is all over the page, but I hope you get the gist of what I'm trying to say.


  1. and why haven't you started a blog before now? you have so much to say.

    i can't imagine how much he loves me, because i love my boys so much. i know i would give my life for them, but i wouldn't a stranger, but he did.

    i very much so keep him in his box, and i need to get him out and shower him all around me at all times.

    i hope that made sense. sawyer is asleep in my arms and i'm typing with one hand.

  2. It seems everyone I know is doing a blog. I want to start one myself and I have been wanting to scrap book. My life so busy lately I do not know how I can.

    Love your blog spot Deb...

  3. Hey there Ms. Debbie, I know exactly what you mean about being so formal with God. Just tonight at dinner, the girls were saying their "dinner" prayer and I thought to myself, it's so rehearsed, do they know what they are saying? So, my goal for the week is to show them that its okay to just pray what they feel and not something that they've memorzed


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sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24