Friday, May 16, 2008


These are pictures of our rhodedendrons. This is the first year that they have bloomed this much, and I've had them for about 17 years. The lady I used to work for got them for us as an anniversary gift. Wasn't that precious of her? A lot of the flowers in my yard have a special meaning to me, because of where they came from.
(Jessica Leigh is the photographer in the family, so just look at the pics, not the quality).


  1. Isn't it sad when you have to leave yourself a comment because nobody else will??? Well, Nana Banana, I love your rhodedendrons and am so glad you had a good time on your little get-a-way. Keep up the posting!!!

  2. HaHa! You're a hoot. I actually am continuing a garden that was started at our house and have the same color rhodedendrons. They were absolutely gorgeous. But I start getting depressed when they start falling off. It's like something so beautiful has to die before it can come back even more beautiful next year. I guess if I put it that way it shouldn't be dpressing, should it?


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