Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Monday

Isn't this hilarious...but...I have a very warped sense of humor!!!
Thank all of you who commented on my tribute to my Dad. Father's Day is a little rough for me...this year especially, for some reason. I received several e-mails from you all, and they were so sweet....some of you who knew my Dad, some remembering your own Dad and what he meant to you. We should never take for granted our family...or our friends....and I'm very guilty of that sometimes!!!
Hope all of you had a wonderful Father's Day. The kids...all 4 of them...came to church to surprise Pappy. He has an upper respiratory infection, so he couldn't hold either of the boys. It was terrible being the one who had to hold them and give them kisses!!! What a chore that was!!! ha! ha! Then...they bought lunch for us, and we all had lunch together. We had a very nice day...other than...back to Pappy...say a prayer for him. He is on about his 5th round of z-pack this year. It looks like his ear isn't getting any better, which, according to Dr. H....he might have to do SURGERY!!! He's been trying to tough it out and see if it won't get better on it's own...but, it isn't looking good!!! So...when you say your prayers for today...offer up one for Pappy...and his throat, and ear.
Other than that...Happy Monday!!!


  1. He is not by himself. My hubby has had three ear infections this year already. I told him he had better be going to a specialist or to someone.

  2. Marenda...they are talking about putting a tube in Jack's eardrum...they could do it in the office, but it is very painful, so I told him if it has to be done, he will go to the hospital and be put to sleep...or at least given some feel no pain stuff!!! He's trying to tough it out, but I think it's gone on a little too long already!!!


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24