Saturday, July 5, 2008

God's Love

You all know by now how we feel about our words can ever truly explain the love we feel for them. I dedicated one of my blogs a while back to our sweet little boys. When Jessica Leigh found out that she was having another baby.....very soon after having her first.....we all wondered how in the world we could love him/her as much as Grandson #1. We've learned that our love multiplies, doesn't divide. We don't have to take the love that we have and split it between two precious little boys...the love grows every day. We took Grandson #1 to breakfast yesterday morning....the drive-thru at Micky D's....and I got in the back seat to help him drink his chocolate milk, since we didn't bring a sippy cup with us. I told Pappy, with tears in my eyes, that I get so overwhelmed sometimes with all the love I feel for them. Later in the day, Little Bit was getting sleepy and his uncle had him, and he got fussy.....Pappy took him, and he was still fussy....Nana took him and he calmed right down (yes, in case you're wondering, my head did swell up).....I was able to get him to sleep (only because his Mommy wasn't in the room...he's a true Momma's boy!!). Holding him and feeling his little body go from being so tense, to calming down and relaxing and finally shutting his heart just swelled up with love for him. And, when he smiles and looks at you with those big eyes and those long eyelashes....he is absolutely adorable!!!

So...this makes me wonder...does God feel this way about us? I truly believe He does. When I turn to Him....and let Him wrap His loving arms around me....I really think that He is feeling the same deep love towards me that I feel for our grandbabies. I know God isn't human....but I can just picture the tears welling up in His eyes as His heart fills with love and emotion for me. Oh, this brings tears to my own eyes now just thinking about much He loves, of all people. It's easy to love little children....precious, innocent babies....but an old, ornery, gray-haired lady....that has to be a little difficult for Him (not really)!! But, He knows much better than I know myself. He understands my thoughts and my fears and what makes me happy and sad. You know how we try so hard to make sure our own children are happy and secure and cared for, and that they know they are much more our Heavenly Father does that for us. And, when He has His loving arms wrapped around me, just like Little Bit...all the fear and anxiety just melts away, and I'm able to relax and have peace and feel secure!!!

Luke 12:7 - NLT - And the very hairs on your head are all numbered. So don’t be afraid; you are more valuable to God than a whole flock of sparrows.

Psalm 56:8 - NLT - You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book.

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  1. you are so precious. i can't EVEN imagine how much God loves us. He even sent HIS son for us?? wow! i can't imagine it, because my love for my boys is so unreal. they are my everything, and to us. . . we are everything to God. . .makes me feel so bad that i don't do as i should everyday and constantly seek his will, etc. for my life.

    love you mom. sorry you were so wet tonight!


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