Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Week in Review

Here's a bit of a review of my week:
  • I saw prayers answered when Pastor Dallas had his surgery and there was no cancer. Plus he got to go home earlier than expected. Please continue to remember him and his family in your prayers for a speedy...not too painful...recovery.
  • I spent time this week with Jess and the boys...they are so precious and Big Brother gives the best hugs and kisses. Little Bit is developing a personality all his own. Jess thinks he's gonna be a bass singer when he grows up!!! He can really get loud!!!
  • I saw God working thru my blog on Monday. Thank you, Lord, for letting us see Your hand in our lives!!! I'm glad that my prayer partner got to be a part of it, or some people would have never believed it.
  • Jess cooked lunch for us yesterday. She is definitely the cook in the family. We had sweet and sour chicken, and it was delicious...and banana pudding for dessert. She took her cooking skills from my Mamaw....her Great Mamaw...and Pappy's Mom. Both of those ladies were the best cooks ever, and Jess is following right along in their footsteps. (I did bake Pappy a pineapple upside down cake...I can do sweets!!!)
  • It rained!!! Thank you, Dear Lord for the wonderful rain. Our yard is alive again!!! Please pray that the tropical storm, Gustav, doesn't hit New Orleans. They definitely don't need any more destruction in their city.
  • I visited with my Grandmother and Mom this week. Mamaw will be 97 years old in a few weeks. I'll be sure and post pics of her birthday get-together. I am so blessed to be my age and still have a grandparent living!!!
  • I heard from a friend who I hadn't talked with in a while. We had a good, long talk, and it was so nice. It is so good to hear from people from our past who mean a lot to us!!!
  • I visited with my niece and her Mom (Pappy's sister) for a while one evening this week. I took Little Bit to play with his baby cousin. They are only about a month apart in age. They were so cute together!!!
  • I got to see our niece who is expecting Baby Fallon next month. She is a beautiful pregnant lady!!! I definitely didn't look like that when I was expecting Jess!!! We can't wait to have another precious little baby in the family. And, getting to see her meant getting to see another of Pappy's sisters. Please continue to keep her in your prayers. She has a lot of heart health concerns, and will be having a thyroid biopsy next week.
  • I also got to see one of Pappy's sister-in-laws this week. I've been doing a bit of mending for her (hemming pants) and she stopped by one afternoon. Speaking of mending...if any of you would like to have anything hemmed...just give me a shout. I don't charge nearly as much as the cleaners!!!
  • I started a new purse. I love purses...just ask Pappy. He jokes about my love of purses!!! Anyway, when I get it finished, I'll post pics. But, I've got several projects started, so we'll have to see which one gets done first!!!
  • Pappy is going to take a few days off and work on his building...which means...eventually...crossing my fingers...waiting with baited breath (whatever that means) get my basement cleaned out. The agreement was he could get the "barn" to put things in from the basement, and we will eventually partition off the basement. We'll see!!! Anyway, I'm looking forward to having Pappy home for a few days!!!

So...that's that about that, I guess!!! A little bit of what I've done this week. And, people ask what I do all day!! HA! HA! My life is not boring at all. In the midst of all the above, there is still the usual stuff that has to get done...laundry, cleaning, cooking (I do cook...I promise...just look at us....we're not going hungry)!!!

In His love...and with mine!!!

P.S. Remember tomorrow is Sunday, and I won't be, please go to the church of your choice in the morning.

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  1. thank you for my cooking compliment! i do love to cook. hopefully, if we ever get a house built, i can cook alot more!

    tell dad to just let brant know when he needs him!

    love you.


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