Thursday, August 7, 2008

Prayer Requests

I'm thinking that my blog on Thursday's will be dedicated to prayer requests and praises. Throughout the week, please feel free to send me anything that you would like listed, and I will be glad to get it out to other prayer warriors. You can leave me a message here on my blog, or e-mail me at

1. Please continue to pray for Pappy's family. So many times...and I am so guilty of this myself...after a few weeks pass by I forget to pray for someone who has suffered the loss of a loved one. Twice this week already the thought has crossed my mind that I will take the boys to see Mamaw...and I can no longer do that. Please learn from me...spend as much time as you can with your loved ones...if you can't spend them...let them know you're thinking about them...before it's too late and you can't anymore. If somebody is really strong on your mind, or heart, take the time to call, send a card, go will never regret it!!! After my Dad passed away, I can still think of certain people who called me when I was at my lowest...and I know that God put me on their heart at just the time that I needed a friend!!!

2. Say an extra special prayer for Carson Polk. Carson is the son of Pappy's cousin. He has spinal meningitis. Please, please pray for this precious family and for God to heal this sweet little baby boy. I cannot imagine what they are going thru, but I know they will value every prayer sent up for Carson and all of them.

3. A friend of mine works with a lady whose Dad has lung cancer. Her Mom is in a nursing home and she has a nephew recovering from a tree falling on him. WOW!! That is such a lot for one family to be enduring all at once. But...with God...they can make it thru. Pray for God to heal and to give the peace that only He can give to this family.

4. A friend...of a having problems with her son. Please ask God to give her guidance in handling the situation and that it will turn out in a way that only God can make happen!!!

5. Like I said in #1 above...continue to pray for those who have lost loved ones. It is so hard for me to believe that a year ago yesterday, I went to the hospital to be with my friend whose Mom was sick...and she passed away while I was there. I know this is a difficult time for Ms. Janis. Please say an extra prayer for her, and her family...and for her Dad.

6. I have a special friend who has lost her job...very unexpectedly. Please pray that God will guide her in making the right decision about another job and that He will give her peace over the situation she is going thru.

7. Ms. Teresa....I requested prayer for her last week for a surgery she was facing. She came thru the surgery, but is going to take some time to recover. Please pray for her to have a speedy recovery, without too much pain...and that she will heal better this time than she did the last time....and that, hopefully, this will be her last surgery to correct this problem!!

8. Ms. Marenda....she has had a troublesome couple of weeks. Please pray that the situation she is facing with possibly adopting one, or more, children will work out just the way God wants it to, in the best way possible for the kids. Also, please say a special prayer for her Mom who had a mini stroke and is also having problems with diabetes. Sometimes we just don't realize how blessed we are when we are healthy and aren't faced with medical problems.

9 . This one is a praise...from me!! I was honored to be asked if a link to my blog could be put on our church web-site. I've said before that I truly felt God lay it on my heart to write this blog for His glory. I have had so many sweet comments and remarks from so many of you. Some say that you even read my blog as a daily devotional. That is very humbling to me....that God can use all people...that way.
If you will allow God, He can use each of you....for His Glory!!!!

In His Love...and with mine!!!

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  1. Mom is doing well. She is planning to change primary doctor so just be in prayer for this. We all felt like we have needed to change for a little while. She had a MD see her in the hospital that is new to Morristown and he is a christian doctor. He told her we would be glad to be her primary care physician. The Neurologist told us today he felt mom was on too many preventive medications she did not need to be on.


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