Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday Prayers and Praises

Before I start the list of prayer requests and praises, I want to let you all in on a little secret.....everybody listening?!?!? The blogs I write seem to be more for myself than you all!! Can you even believe that?? That God would lay something on my heart and intend it just for me and not any of you?!?! I know, I couldn't either!!! Please know that I am kidding. Want to know what made me realize this??? Yesterday, when I wrote the blog about hurt feelings and getting offended...well...not very long after it hit the Internet...Satan went to work!!! I got bombarded with things right and left all throughout the day.

So...if you get anything at all out of my blogs...I am truly glad...but I think I benefit the most of all.

Prayer Requests:

1. Eli Joshua Bean - this precious little baby boy is 2 months old and was born without an esophagus. He has been in ETCH since he was born. He is being taken to Minneapolis on Monday for a transplant because it cannot be done here. Please pray that everything goes well. Pray for the doctors for God to lead and guide them in this surgery...and, please pray for this family.

2. Ms. Peggy - She had open heart surgery several months ago, but continues to have some problems. Please pray for her. She is a special lady that I have known for several years, but just got to know better when we joined BSBC!!!

3. Ollie Hickman - Mr. Hickman attended the church that Pappy and I used to go to. He is a brother to a dear lady in the church we attend now. He had surgery today and is need of our prayers.

4. Ms. Latitia Heffner - Ms. Heffner is the mother of a man that Pappy works with. She has been in the hospital but decided she didn't want any more tests run and she came home. Please pray for her, that God will give her heart peace and will comfort her pain.

5. Ms. Marenda had the following prayer request: "We have a preacher friend. His name is Bro. Crab he is a traveling evangelist. He had his gallbladder removed last week with lots of gallstones and his blood pressure is very, very high. He has been in the hospital for over a week now. He is in his eighty's. He really loves God and a very, very devoted man to his loving Savior. He married Adam's parents and he also did their renewal wedding vows two years ago."

6. Speaking of Ms. Marenda...please remember her Mom in your prayers. She is a diabetic and is having some health problems. Also, please remember Marenda and her husband, Adam, as they prepare to adopt possibly two more children. Ms. Marenda has an enormous amount of faith and desires our prayers in this situation.

7. Ms. Barney Cate - Ms. Barney came home from the hospital, but still is having health concerns. Please keep her and her family in your prayers. She has become such a sweet part of our circle of church friends. She told us when we first came to BSBC that Pappy's Dad used to spend a lot of time at her home. She is so precious!!!

8. Ms. Amelia Pryor - Ms. Amelia is in the hospital with health problems. Please pray for her and her family. I don't know the specifics...but God does!!!

9. Steven Smith - Mr. Smith will be having surgery for cancer tomorrow. Please pray that God will be with the doctors and with Mr. Smith and his family.

10. I received the following request from a lady from church, Sandy Hall - "A friend of my daughter's was hit on his motorcycle by someone who ran a red light. He has a broken collar bone and a multi compound fractured leg. He will be in the hospital 2 weeks. His name is Ben Woodruff."

11. Richard Price - Mr. Price is a friend of our nephew, Rob. He is in his mid-40's. The doctor's office called him late yesterday afternoon and told him that he has colon cancer -the nuurse said "it was everywhere". He goes for a meeting with the doctor first thing this morning. He has been having health problems for about 6 months, but just ignored it. Please keep him in your prayers.

12. Ms. Betty - Betty is my dear sister-in-law, Pappy's sister. She has heart health problems and I have requested prayer for her before. I hope she reads this because I have told her so many times how precious she is and how much we all love her. Please pray that God will comfort her and watch over her and take care of her. Also, please pray for her husband who we know was sent to her by God. He has been such a comfort to her. God is just so, so good!!!

13. Ms. Cortney - Ms. Cortney is expecting a baby month. Falon will be mine and Pappy's great-great niece (that makes us sound really old, doesn't it???). Anyway, please pray for Cort as she goes thru the final month of her pregnancy and for an easy delivery and for Falon to be healthy and happy!!!

14. Ms. Shari - please pray for her as she makes a decision about her job. She has been thru a lot of ups and downs for several months. Please pray that God will lead her and that she will make the right decision for herself and her family.

15. I have an unspoken request of my own. I have a special young lady on my heart who is going thru some rough, trying times right now. Please pray for her, and that God will give me the words to say, if needed, to help her.

16. Ms. Kari - please pray for Ms. Kari as she is struggling to make a decision about her future. I have just come to know her better since I started writing my blog, and she is so very precious. Please keep her in your prayers.


1. Ms. Tonya had a prayer request earlier this week for her Papaw. He had cataract surgery. I heard from her yesterday and it had turned into a praise!!! He had the surgery and went from almost blind to vision of 20/40, and they are hoping for 20/20 by the time his eye finally heals!! Praise God's Holy Name that He is still in the business of answering prayers!!!!

2. Baby Cason - he is the nephew of a lady at our church. He is 6 months old and had surgery for cancer a couple of months ago. They have told the family that because of the type of cancer it was that they are confident that they have it all, and he will not have to go thru chemotherapy. YEAH!!! The sickness and surgery have been hard enough on this family. Praise the Lord that he doesn't have to endure chemo!!!

Last, but certainly by no means least....I have a major prayer request for the pastor of our church, Dallas Gibson. Pastor Dallas told us last night that he is facing major surgery for a tumor they have found in his chest wall. The surgery will be Monday morning. Pastor Dallas came to us at a time when our church needed healing, and he has helped us so much, in so many areas. I want him to know how much we all love him and his family and that we hope for only the best for him. Please, please pray that the tumor isn't malignant. His doctor is very hopeful that it isn't. Pray that God will give Pastor Dallas peace...pray for his wife, Lisa...pray for their children....pray for the doctors...pray for our church!!!
We love you, Pastor Dallas...but God loves you more...and you are in His healing hands!!!

Nevertheless, listen to my prayer and my plea, O Lord my God. Hear the cry and the prayer that your servant is making to you today. I Kings 8:28 (NLT)

In His love...and with mine!!!


  1. Thank you from the bottom of me heart for your prayers. I really like the idea of a weekly prayer list. We do this at church on Wednesday night service we have a bullentin sheet that has specific needs and request for the week.

  2. another wonderful blog :-) & thanks for remembering my request and praise and I'll remember your list tonight when I talk to God....
    love you bunches!


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