Thursday, September 25, 2008

Prayers and Praises!!!

1 Kings 8:45 (NKJV)
Then hear in heaven their prayer and their supplication, and maintain their cause.

Isn't the weather beautiful??? I did something this week that I don't do much....opened our windows!!! I love, love, love, this time of year, as I've already mentioned!!!

I have received so many prayer requests this week that I sincerely hope that I don't leave out anything. If I do, it is certainly not intentional...please send me a reminder if you see something missing that I need to include. Thanks to all of you so very much for trusting in me and allowing me to share your lives in my blog!!!

Prayer Requests

1. Ryan Corning - this is the young man who was in a skateboarding accident this week. The following information was received from my cousin:

A calendar has been setup to allow people to sign up for specific times to pray for Ryan and his family. The URL is http://calendar. jrw2. com. The login information is Username: ryan Password: corning Once logged in you can sign up for a time by clicking on the calendar, or choosing "Create Event" at the top left. When you add a time to pray for Ryan please include your name in the "What" field. Ryan is doing about the same. He looks a lot better in my opinion. He is still currently on lots of medications to keep his blood pressure stable. One of the current risks for Ryan is pneumonia. It was decided this morning that a tracheotomy was needed to help prevent pneumonia.

2. Ms. Makenzie Grace Bremer - Ms. Makenzie had a cyst removed from her neck today and it will be tested. She was in a lot of pain and it was very traumatic for her. Please keep her and her Mommy and Daddy in your prayers.

3. I have a request for a friend of mine. Her husband is facing some tests. Please pray for a good outcome. Also, she is having a conflict with her teenage son. Please pray that God will give her peace and the right way to handle this situation.

4. This is a double request from my friend Janis - She works with a gentleman, Harold Corum - his mother is in the hospital with blood clots in her lung and leg. Also, his daughter had surgery this morning in Kentucky for a brain tumor. So much happening in one family. Please keep all concerned in your prayers.

5. Family members of my friend - he is facing some medical decisions which affect his job. In this day and time, with our economy the way it is...please pray for this family that God will lead and guide them in this process. Also, pray for the other family members!!!

6. Please continue to pray for Jess and Brant as they make some big decisions concerning their future.

7. Ms. Marenda's cousin, Steven - please continue to pray for him as he is in a lot of pain. Please pray for the doctors to find out his problem and how to treat him. Also, please pray for his family.

The following prayer requests are from our church. Please keep each of these individuals and their families in your prayers:

8. Mr. W. R. Thompson - he just returned home from the hospital
9. Ms. Judy Whaley - home after having surgery
10. Mr. Clyde Whaley - at Parkwest Hospital
11. Mr. Gary Cate - having a heart cath tomorrow
12. Ms. Barney Cate - home from the hospital - still haven't figured out her problem, but it seems heart related
13. Family of Ms. Estalee Henderson - Ms. Henderson passed away today
14. Ms. Becky Hutsel - possibly facing back surgery
15. Mr. Dave Kaufman - he has a bleeding ulcer - had to have blood drained from his stomach - has a family to support - also requested prayer for his daughters
16. Ms. Amelia Pryor - in the hospital with complications from diabetes
17. Mr. Dennis Vermillion - facing tests


1. Baby Fallon is here!!! I still haven't seen pics, and we didn't get an opportunity to go by and see her. I'm waiting on a personal introduction!!! If and when I get pics, I'll share them with you!!!

2. This is a big praise!!! A friend of Jess'....they went from kindergarten thru high school together....has a precious little boy, and God blessed him with a very special Mommy. Little Caleb is walking, and Ms. Bekah gives the praise to God and thanks everyone for their prayers. I'm including the link to go see him walking. He is adorable!!! Give a shout out to God for answered prayers!!!

3. Pastor Dallas - he was back with us the pulpit!!! God has really blessed our church with a wonderful pastor.

In His Love...and with mine!!!

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  1. Becca will be so happy to read that!

    Also, I didn't know that Mrs. Henderson died? Oh my. I wonder how Rachel is doing?


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