Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday Prayer Requests and Praises

I said last week...but it seems like only yesterday....Thursday rolls around really quick!!! I can't believe another week is almost over...and the month is already half gone. WOW!! Time flies when you're having a good time!!!
Since it is Thursday, here are the prayer requests, followed by some praises:

1. Dennis Vermillion - Mr. Vermillion goes to our church and is having some tests run.

2. Jim Busic - Mr. Busic has some heart problems and is having tests run, also.

3. Ralph Melton - please continue to pray for him. He had a heart attack and is having to change a lot of his health habits...which isn't easy to do as we get older.

4. Sam Stropp - Mr. Stropp had a heart attack last week and had a stint put in because of a blockage.

5. Andrew Swaggerty - He was in a car accident several months ago and remains in a coma. Please keep this young man and his family in your prayers.

6. These requests come from Ms. Marenda:

a. Brother Tommy, Brother Roe, and Brother Steve - these gentlemen go to her church and have been in the ER, or the hospital, with heart-related illnesses.

b. Brother Boheler - heart health issues and problems from serving in the Army.
Please keep all these gentlemen in your prayers as they await test results, or continue to have health problems.

c. Ms. Marenda herself is having some health problems and has gone to the ENT.

d. Ms. Marenda asks for prayer concerning a little girl named Gracie whom she and her husband have been taking care of. Please pray for God's will be done in this precious baby's life, as to who will get custody of her.

e. Marenda's Mom - she has some health problems and is also in search of a job.

f. Adam and Marenda's personal finances - that God will provide in this tough economic time we're living in. (I told her that I know He will because He does for me and Pappy!!!)

6. Ms. Cortney - Cortney is our great niece - her baby is due ANY TIME!!!! Please pray for a safe delivery and a healthy baby girl. Baby Fallon - we can't wait to meet you!!!

7. My prayer partner - she has had bronchitis this week and has felt absolutely terrible!!! Please keep her in your prayers that God will heal her and she'll feel better soon!!!

8. Ms. Shari - she continues to struggle with a decision concerning her job and her future. This is a major concern for her and her family. Please keep her in your prayers.

9. Last, but certainly not least - please keep my sister-in-law, Betty, in your prayers. The tumor in her thyroid was benign (which is a praise)...but she continues to have problems and will be going to an ENT tomorrow to see what can be done. Please pray for her heart problems, too. (We love you!!!!)

Now for the praises....I love praises!!! I asked you earlier in the week to let me know some things that you are thankful for. Here are some of the responses that I got!!!

1. Ms. Tonya - for her salvation - for her precious daughter and her wonderful family and friends - her home, job, car, vision, hearing, and her health - freedom to worship...anywhere, anytime - she said that she could go on and on - and that she is so blessed!!! She ended by telling me how glad she is that we're friends!!! I feel the same way. Tonya and I have known each other for several years, but really got to know each other well a few years ago. Oh...another thing...Tonya's Papaw had eye surgery this week and the vision in that eye is now 20/20 and the other eye is now 20/30. Praise the Lord!!!

2. Ms. Marenda - thankful that God gave her the parents He did to raises her in a Christian home - for her salvation at the age of 12 - for her husband, Adam, who is a blessing - for her in-laws - for their boys - for her pastor and his wife for their spiritual leadership - for the friends God blessed her with!!!

3. Ms. Kari - she's thankful for her wonderful parents who help her so much - for her husband, Kendall - and for her 2 precious babies (and they are adorable..that part is from me!!!)

4. Ms. Dawn - she's blessed to have been born to two Christian parents and to grow up in a Christian home - to have a Christian husband - a wonderful church and church family - to live in the last Christian nation where we still have religious freedom - blessed by the many incredible Christian friends who inspire, support and help her on a daily basis!!!

Okay...this is one of the longest posts I've ever done. I am so grateful for each of you who read my blog and who send me your prayer requests and your praises.
Until next Thursday!!

In His love...and with mine!!!

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