Monday, October 13, 2008

Christian Women On-Line

For you fellow bloggers, you need to check out Christian Women On-Line. There are lots of things on there to add to your blog, including banners, calendars, and verses of scripture. Plus.....they are having a cruise give away for you and a friend.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to go on this cruise with Jess??? Oh, yes it would!! If they start their house soon, I think by February she's going to need a get-a-way...if we can tear her...and me....away from the boys!!! I think it would be a blessing to win this trip and to spend the time with my daughter. The past couple of years have been very stressful for her, having the boys so close together....I know she wouldn't have it any other way...and neither would I. God has truly blessed me with having the time to spend with her and the boys!!!

Even if we don't win....the web site is still awesome!!!
Check it out when you get a chance!!!

In His Love...and with mine!!!

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  1. i would love to win, but yes, it would be oh so difficult to be away from my little ones!!


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