Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, My Dear Baby Brother

Today is my baby brother's 49th birthday!!
That is just too hard for me to believe. There are 4 years and 10 months difference in our ages. I can remember when my Mom was expecting him. Can you believe that?? I can't even remember what happened yesterday, but I can remember back that far!!! She took me in the back bedroom and she had spread all of the baby things she had bought getting ready for him on the bed. I don't remember at all her being pregnant, just all those precious little baby clothes !!!
I even remember the day he came home from the hospital...I decided right then and there that I didn't like him and didn't want him in MY house. I remember all the people coming to see him and oohhing and ahhing all over him...and I got no attention at all...ha! ha!
Over the years, we had our ups and downs...lots of them....don't ask him about the time I bounced a green hickory nut off his head...or the time I stuck a newly sharpened pencil into the side of his face...or the time I ran his head thru the sheetrock wall when we were scuffling on the bed!!! Please don't ask him...he might come up with a few more mean things I did to him that I've chosen not to remember!!!! I promise, everything but the hickory nut was an accident!!!
But, let me tell you....I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world. I wish we lived closer so we could be closer...but, I know if I truly need him I can pick up the phone and he would be right there for me in a heartbeat!!! I have a couple of Guy Coheleach paintings that he bought me over the years and every time I glance at them, I think of who loved me enough to buy them for me. My favorite is the one of the owl swooping down over the beach. Tino print that he got me for my 50th's beautiful....I wouldn't trade if for anything!!!!
Of all the things I remember....I remember most clearly the day he got saved. He was about 12 years old, and when the invitation was given...he didn't even make it to the altar...he got as far as the front pew and went down on his knees in the aisle., I'm crying!!!

So, Baby Brother...I wish for you a happy, happy 49th Birthday....
and many, many more!!!
And, my hope for you is only the best in life...and happiness...and joy that only God can give!!!

In His Love...and with mine!!!


  1. oh my goodness! you still look exactly the same now as you do in that pic LOL
    if someone told me that you did all those things to your brother, i would have swore they were lying, but since you said it, I guess i'll have to believe it, but it's hard!I can't imagine you ever being that mean LOL
    love ya

  2. Debbie I love the picture of you and your brother. Yes, you still look exactly the same.

  3. you were so mean to him. . .

    bless his heart.

    i hope sam isn't that mean to sawyer!

  4. You have helped me through some of the toughest times in my life, and for that I thank you.

    I love you.

    Your brother...


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24