Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It's Fall, Y'All!!!

When we first built our house and Jess was a little girl, I tried to decorate some for each holiday...but, over the years, I totally got out of the habit!!!
I think what inspired me this year is partly Jess doing so many crafts for use in their future home...and all the beautiful fall decorations that I see in the stores...and on other people's blogs. For lots of ideas, go check out this blog:
All of that got me all inspired to decorate a little for fall this year myself...after is my favorite season of the year!!!
I took these pics because I want to let you know how easy it is to come up with things....that are very inexpensive.
I took this picture because I wanted you to see my shelf. I absolutely love this shelf because Pappy made it for me!!! I painted it green and "antiqued" it with watered down brown paint. The blue Mason jars came from my grandmother...she gave them to me, and I wouldn't take anything for them!!! The leaves on the shelf came in a pack of about 50 for $1.00 in the dollar section at Target!!! The little pumpkins sitting on the candle holders are Dollar Store finds!! And, the cornucopia...I won that little basket at a shower!!!
I've had the metal candle stick with leaves for several years. I cleaned it up and put a little pumpkin with leaves and gourds on it...$3.oo from Big Lots!!! The picture frame is old, too. All I did was buy a 50 cent Thanksgiving card from Dollar General and put in it. It has Psalm 107:1 on it...Give Thanks to the Lord, for He is good!!! The candle is you can tell. The candy dish is shaped like a leaf...$2 from Wally World!!!! And it holds my favorite candy in the world...Hershey's Kisses!!!
(I have a Bible marker that says God loved us so much He gave us CHOCOLATE!!!)
The lamp is old, too...I think it came from Dollar General. I bought the bead trim and hot glued it around the edges of the shade.

This one might be my favorite because it is so simple. The little bird nest with metal bird, stem and leaves came from Big Lots several years ago. I bought the Thanksgiving card at Family Dollar for $1 and put it in the frame. This goes along with what I've said before....surround yourselves with things that keep your mind on the Lord.

This is a plate that says "Give Thanks"....a Hobby Lobby purchase when they had their fall decorations half price. How fitting it would be on a shelf with our grandsons!!! The old compote holds another birds' nest with little wooden pumpkins...and the "nut" bowl with squirrel...I have no clue where I got's an oldie, too!!! (pay no attention to the patching on the wall...this is the final wall to be painted in our den...did I tell you how sloooooow I am at painting...and what a procrastinator I am?!?!)

I have a few other things around the house that are fallish....and cheap. The wreath on my front door came from a yard sale. can decorate and have things around you that you enjoy....and still stay on a budget!!!

In His Love...and with mine!!!


  1. i've fallen so behind on my blog reading from reading that book and reading kimba's blog! i adore her blog!

    this is precious. i'm going to leave your blog up, so i can read your posts from the past several days that i haven't read yet!

    love you!

  2. Your home looks so warm and comforting and your Autumn decorations are beautiful!

  3. ok, I want to come to your house and sit and talk and drink hot apple cider and look at all your decorations!
    love ya


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