Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Did you vote???

Did you vote yesterday? I told a lady yesterday afternoon that Pap and I had went to vote together. She lives near me...and is much older than me.....and she asked did we go to such-and-such place to vote, and I told her yes. Then, I said, "Since you asked me, I take it that you didn't vote." She replied that no, she didn't...and went on to sort of hum-haw around about how she wasn't registered and if she didn't vote in the primary, then she would have to re-register and asked where she could go to do that.

Wake up, people!!!

It's that way of thinking that gets us in trouble. And, those who don't go vote...will probably be the first ones to complain about how the government is running the country. The vote certainly did not go the way I had hoped...but I voted....I voiced my opinion. It's my right as a citizen of America to vote for the candidate whom I feel God has led me to vote for.

I keep thinking about the children of Israel who kept wanting a king...they wanted a king to rule over them, just like all the surrounding countries had. They didn't want the judges that God had appointed...and didn't want God as their KING. Even after being told what an earthly king would do....the things he would allow to happen....they still wanted a you know what happened? God let them have their way. Sometimes He does that...just to teach us a lesson...that what we think we want...what we think looks much better "on the other side" (you know, one of those "grass is greener on the other side" things)...isn't what's best for us!!!

If you aren't familiar with the story....or want to refresh your here.

So...I start today a bit nervous...a little unsettled...but knowing the KING that I serve is still in control. I will continue to worship Him....I will continue to praise His Holy name...and, I will continue to give Him the glory!!!

In His Precious Love....and with mine!!!


  1. I so looked forward to your blog today. I prayed so hard for Obama last night when they told he had won the election. I will do what I must as an American citizen, but I will always serve God. I pray that God will show His power in the next four years. Turn Obama from Islam to Christian. Love you bunches,

  2. This is exactly what our oldest son said. I hope Obama is presented the gospel by someone and he becomes to know Jesus has his saviour.

  3. it didn't turn out the way I had hoped for at all, but as you've all said, all we can do now is pray about it and for our new President, and trust in God.
    It is what it is, we must deal with it the best way that we know how, and all I know to do is turn it over to God and pray that His will, will be done!!
    love ya


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