Saturday, November 8, 2008

I thought I would never get done!!!

they're finished.....

Here's the story behind the scarecrows:

#1 - I LOVE scarecrows (and snowmen, but we'll discuss that another time!!!) bought one of those panels that you cut out and sew together. I had it for quite some time and it didn't get, I put it in the last yard sale that we had (the one before the one I just had).....but, it didn't, I decided I would make it...for myself!!!

#2 - I decided I wouldn't make it for myself...that I would make it for Jess.

#3 - I then had a brilliant idea that I would make it for Big Brother and buy another one and make it for Little Bit.

#4 - I really didn't want to make another one just like the one I just finished, so I bought another scarecrow...just totally different....but it still required RAFFIA!!!!

#5 - I will NEVER again make anything that requires RAFFIA. I have vacuumed and vacuumed and picked up and swept...and I'm still finding little pieces of that stuff everywhere!!!

#6 - I'm turning into my Mother....please help me!!! LOL
My Mom is one of the most particular people in the whole world...well, besides my brother. In making these little fellows, I didn't like the idea of my stitches being seen on the bought Wonder Under and felt and ironed brown felt onto the backs so that they would be nice and neat and clean!!!! Now...since they're being given to two little rascal boys, wonder how long they'll stay that way?!?!?!?!
Oh, well!!!! ha! ha!

Some of you have wanted to see the finished products...
so here they are....
and people wonder what I do all day!!!
Excuse me...gotta go run the vacuum...again!!!

In His Love...and with mine!!!


  1. great job!! they are too cute!
    yep, it's a good thing you sent a pic tonight, cause when the boys get them, I would say the straw will be flying LOL

  2. they are SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I adore them, and so will the boys. I can't wait to have them hanging up in our new home!

    love you!


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