Thursday, November 13, 2008

Prayerful Thursday!

I have heard from so many this week concerning different things going on in their lives. The economy is affecting jobs...people are stays....just a lot going on in to be much in prayer for!!

1. Our friend, Lloyd - Mr. Lloyd has heart trouble and has a defibrillator. It had to be adjusted for him this week because it kept going off and shocking him, causing lots of pain. Please pray for his doctors and pray for Lloyd and his wife, Bonnie. They have health concerns and also job concerns.

2. This is an unspoken request for a precious lady who has to have some further testing. Please pray that there is nothing to be concerned about and pray for her husband, daughter, and her doctors...and her friends.

3. Please pray for a lady named Maria who will be having brain surgery today to remove a tumor. Please keep this lady in your prayers, along with her family and her surgeons.

4. Please continue to keep baby Sladen in your prayers. They have determined what the problem is with his lungs, and it is treatable. He is a precious little baby boy and he and his family need prayers.

5. A lady who works with my friend, Tonya, found out that her husband has esophageal cancer. They are to find out this week what his options are. Please keep this family in your prayers, along with his doctors, that he can be healed, if it is God's will.

6. Phillip Tackett - he is a brother-in-law to my precious Sunday School teacher, Ms. Thelma. He will be having surgery on Monday and needs our prayers...for him, his family, and the surgeon.

7. Rosemary Bentley - she is Ms. Thelma's mother-in-law who has thyroid cancer and will be having surgery soon. Please keep her and Ms. Thelma's Dad in your prayers.

8. Shirley Chasten - this lady is sick - nothing definite was spoken. She needs prayer.

9. Johnnie Lee Caton passed away - please keep this family in your prayers that God will give them strength and also peace.

10. Andrew (Drew) Swaggerty - please continue to pray for this young man who was in an automobile accident several months ago and remains in a coma. His family desperately needs our prayers and our love and our concern.

11. Paul Franklin - he is an uncle to a gentleman we go to church with. He has cancer on his leg that has to be removed. Please keep him and his family...and his your prayers.

12. Our sister, Betty - she had a heart stint procedure week before last and is just now gaining her strength. She is also having some thyroid problems. Please keep her in your prayers!!!

13. Our sister-in-law, Frieda - she tore a ligament in her foot and is going to have to go for therapy. Please pray for God to heal her foot and take the pain away!!!

14. Baby Fallon - I just found out that she's been sick. It's so sad to see little ones not feeling well. Please pray for her to feel better soon. I can't wait to get to hold her again!!!

I also received an e-mail this week from a friend who had a praise. There was a layoff where her husband works but he was blessed to be able to keep his job. Also, a praise for me and Pap. They are having a layoff at his work, too, but he gets to keep his job...and possibly be offered OT in the next few weeks.

Ain't God good???
Oh, yes He is!!!

In His Love...and with mine!!!

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  1. long list, but isnt it good that we can take it all to God!!
    love ya lots!!


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