Thursday, December 4, 2008

Prayers and Praises

I don't want to even admit this....but....Pap and I didn't make it to church last night. He started on a different job yesterday at his work, which required lots of climbing in and out of a truck....which had a clutch....and we all know how bad his legs hurt to say....from the time he got home until bedtime, he was doing everything he could to relieve the pain in his legs. As for me....I'm not sure what's going on....I was totally exhausted, scratchy throat, yadda, yadda, yadda. Anyway....I don't have prayer requests from church because of this....for that I am sorry!!! Also, sorry to be such a big old wimp.....maybe that comes with "older" age!!! I'm most sorry that I missed church because of my wimpiness!!!
Here are some prayers and praises that I do know about:

1. Please say a special prayer for Pap's legs. Several years ago he had a pinched nerve in his neck and ever since that surgery he has had problems with his works on concrete all day long, and that doesn't help him at all!!!

2. Please pray for all those mine workers loosing their jobs. Ever since I was just a little girl, "the mines" have been a steady job for a lot of people in this community. My Papaw worked in the mines as far back as I can remember, before he passed away, and Mom said when he came home from work he would be dirty, but the first thing he would want to do was grab me up.
Anyway...please pray for all those facing tough economic times. Pap told me last night that they would be having a furlough at his work for several days during the holidays....which means without pay, unless they use vacation days....I am not complaining, because he still has a job!!! So many people are facing such hardships right now...but I feel so bad for all those mine workers. What a terrible thing to happen right at Christmastime.
Let's say a special prayer for all of them....and all those struggling to make ends meet these days.

3. Ms. Helen - please continue to keep this precious lady in your prayers. We want to praise God for guiding the doctors in a treatment. Please pray that she will continue to improve and get her strength back. Her church family loves her very much!!!

4. This prayer request comes from Ms. Tonya - her cousin called her and told her that something "suspicious" showed up on her sister-in-law's mammogram. We just went thru something like this in our church family, and it can be very stressful until you know for sure what you're dealing with. Please keep this lady in your prayers (I didn't get her name), and also her family, as breast cancer seems to "run" in her immediate family.

5. Please continue to pray for my Mamaw Hillard - she is improving from her hip/pelvic fracture...but....Mamaw is 97 years old, and she's tired...her body has been thru a lot in 97 years. Please pray for her and also for my Mom and my aunt who have been so faithful to care for her since she had her fall.

6. Ms. Marenda - this precious young lady and her family have been thru a lot this year. They are facing yet another situation which requires our prayerful support. Their son, Kenny, was born with an enlarged heart. He will be facing some tests in the next few weeks to determine if surgery will be needed, probably next summer, rather than waiting until he is a teen. Please, please keep this family in your prayers. I am a firm believer that God takes care of children...well, of course He does...we're all His children and He takes care of us all!!!!

7. Remember Maria, who we had on our prayer chain several weeks ago because she was facing surgery for a brain tumor? Here is the update I received this week:

"According to all her doctors she is doing well. She still has the limited vision thing but that is supposed to clear up. She is scheduled to go home this Thursday and will be in therapy three times a week, six hours per day. A neurological radiologist will be studying all of her records, x-rays, scans and MRI’s to see if there is any need to do any radiation. She asked her Dad to tell me that she is very thankful for our prayer chain. She is convinced that our prayers and those of countless others is what brought her through this far. So on behalf of Maria and her family and myself I want to say thank you for including Maria in your prayers."

Doesn't it just thrill your soul to hear reports like this one??? To hear that God has heard and answered our prayers. But, you know, He hears them all....what are the 3 ways he answers prayer...."yes", "no", and "wait". Boy, that third one is tough to handle least it is for me!!!

8. Please continue to remember my sister-in-laws in your prayers - Ms. Betty has a pinched nerve and is in quite a bit of pain and Ms. Frieda is still taking therapy for a torn ligament in her foot.

9. Please keep our very special niece, Ms. Shauna, in your prayers, and also her Mom. Shauna isn't feeling well and I know would appreciate your prayers!!

I want to include the following...a little something I read this week...something to make us all think about how if we don't keep God in our lives, if we don't pray and attend church regularly, and read our is what each day of our week might look like:


In Memory of my Precious Daddy
April 13, 1928 - December 4, 1994

In His Love...and with mine!!!


  1. I guess today has been a sad day for you, sorry about your dad.
    I think you have his eyes :-)

  2. I know you miss your dad... Today, would have been my grandfather's birthday. My mother's dad...

  3. i miss him!

    i'm crying. . .i've cried alot today!


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sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24