Thursday, January 22, 2009

Prayers and Praises

First of all....
thank you, thank you, thank you.....
for all the sweet birthday wishes. I got so many wonderful comments and e-mails and e-cards and cards in the mail!!! And, Pappy took the day off and we spent the day together....and, Jess and The Dad and the boys got me a Vera Bradley Mesa Red cell phone holder....and...the most beautiful necklace you've ever seen....with the boys pics on a pendant that hangs off the beautiful beads (I'll try to post a pic of it later on)!!! And, I got some $$$$, and a candle and hand lotion and a mug tree (and the lady didn't even know that the grapes matched my kitchen exactly)....and a journal and a dish towel and a prayer magnet, and CHOCOLATE CANDY!!!!!
Getting old....oh, I mean older....isn't so bad after all!!! are the prayer requests for this week:
1. Paul Mayfield
Here is the update that I received on Mr. Mayfield:
"The cancer was confined to the left tonsils and was the origin. The tumor was 1.2 cm in size. They removed 21 lymph nodes and the cancer was in two. They are going to do radiation for 6 weeks and he will go 5 days a week. They will not be doing chemo. His throat looks good and is healing well. He will be getting feeling back in his neck everywhere but one spot. "
2. W. R. Thompson
Mr. Thompson is out of the hospital.
3. Camilla Gray
Ms. Gray will be having a brain MRI. I don't know all the details.
Larry Dunn
Mr. Dunn is still in ICU, but is showing signs of improvement.
5. Phillip Tackett
He will be having surgery for cancer on February 9th.
6. Norman Gibson
Mr. Gibson is Pastor Dallas' Dad. He has been having chest pains and had a heart cath today.
7. J. Johnson
Mr. Johnson had total knee replacement a while back, but is having lots of problems from the surgery and is in a lot of pain.
8. Christy Cox
Ms. Cox has a blood clots in her lung and also a blood clot in the main artery in her heart.
9. Frieda
This is one of our dear sister-in-laws. She had a biopsy on Tuesday and should get the results today.
10. Betty
Another dear sister-in-law. She is having several health problems, including problems with her eyes.
11. Lloyd
He is Ms. Marenda's uncle. He
had a heart attack yesterday and has 75% blockage, but is stable with medication.
Dear Heavenly Father,
I come to you with all these requests. I don't even know what to ask on behalf of each of these people, Lord, except that you comfort them with whatever they are facing. Please wrap your loving arms around them, and give them the peace that can only come from You. Please, dear Lord, in whatever the situation may be for each of these requests, may You have all the glory!! I love you and I thank you for all the many blessings you've given me....most of all, Lord, that you sent your most precious Son, Jesus, to die for my sins.
In Jesus most blessed and holy name I pray this...AMEN.
In His Love...and with mine!!!

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