Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mom!!!

This is a picture of my Mom when she was a year old!!!
Today is her 75th birthday!!!
Happy, happy birthday, MOM!!!
(even though you won't get to see this until tomorrow!!!)
We are planning on having her a celebration tomorrow afternoon at our house!!!
My Mom is an amazing woman....people in the neighborhood talk about things she does all the time....climbs up on the roof of her house to clean out the gutters....patches shingles....helps her friend cut down trees and haul brush....sharpens lawn mower blades....fixes garage door openers....repairs appliances....wires in name it, and she can do it....she is a "Jacqueline of all trades"!!!!
Don't even ask if I took after her....I will have to hang my head in shame!!!!

In honor of my Mom....I want to share her recipe for potato salad!!!
She makes the best potato salad.....EVER!!!
She always puts it in a green Tupperware know those that they used to call a "lettuce keeper"?
Do they still have those???
One of these days, that bowl will be mine!!!
I asked her for the recipe and she said she didn't have one. I knew what she meant, that she just sort of knew how to make it without following a recipe...but she did write it down for me, and I want to share exactly what she wrote. This is very precious to me, and I will keep it so that I can hand it down to Jess one of these days!!!

The Best Potato Salad in the World!!!!!

In His Love...and with mine!!!


  1. Tell your mom we said Happy Birthday..

  2. We wish her a Happy 75th Birthday too.

  3. how neat is that! (and I love the valentine-y paper she wrote it on :-) I know that is precious to you.... I love recipes, especially the ones you get handed down to you from like your mom or grandma, that have oil and flour stains all over them :-) (and sometimes even a fingerprint LOL) you know their precious hands were on that paper, making a favorite dish for one of their loved ones.
    recipes are very special and so important to me! I love that you devoted this to your mom and had her recipe on here!!
    there aint nothing like Moma's, thank you God for giving us the precious gift of a Mother!!!!


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