Thursday, March 5, 2009

Prayerful Thursday

For the past couple of weeks we've included
Sonny and Donny Gray on our prayer list for the situation they are faced with. Mr. Sonny has been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. Ms. Donna totally amazes me. One day last week, she sent me the following poem, and it really shows you that she has a heart for God!!!

I will never know why God works the way He does,
Do I care, oh my no, I trust his Holy Love.
The friends He has given us in our new path,
To help us through the journey He has mapped.

No words can be on paper put,
To express our total gratitude.
The comfort, peace and being so blessed
With the Saints He has lined up in this quest.

I am amazed, I feel no defeat.
Tho this in not the steps I would have chosen for these feet.
His Love & the saints placed in this walk,
Is more than I would ever have thought.

Thank You God for loving Sonny & I,
To guide us to our home on high.

by Donna & God

Isn't that just amazing...and she even gives credit for the words to our precious Lord. Please, please, please continue to pray for this sweet couple and everything they are going thru and will continue to be faced with in the coming months. We know that God can still work miracles. I pray that if it's His will, that one will be worked with Sonny!!!

Other Prayer Requests:

1. Haley
Haley goes to the ENT on Tuesday, March 10th.

2. My sister-in-law
She will be having surgery on Wednesday, March 18th.

3. Another sister-in-law
She's having health concerns and is having some tests run.

4. Baby Molly
Molly is around 2.5 years old. She's having problems with her tummy, and not gaining weight like she should. She will be having a biopsy of her colon, which requires a colonoscopy on Tuesday, March 17th.

5. Nurse C
Her working conditions have deteriorated and she is searching for another job. It's bad enough to know that one has to work, but it makes it so hard when you have to go to work every day under such stressful circumstances!

6. Kenny
Kenny is the little 8 year old who will be having a heart cath on Wednesday, March 18th.

7. Charlotte Bishop's Nephew
He is the 31 years old and who was hospitalized because he is not getting blood return in his legs. They decided against open heart surgery because he has no insurance and probably would not be able to work after the surgery. The surgeon found a case study for him at a university that won't cost him anything. Please keep this young man in your prayers.

8. Jack Romines
Mr. Romines went in for gallbladder surgery and several cancerous tumors were found. He is in intensive care.

9. Drew Swaggerty
I've requested prayer for him several times on my Thursday prayer requests. He's the young man who had an auto accident months and months ago. He's been in the nursing home, but is back in the hospital.
10. R.C. Fisher
Mr. Fisher is not doing well at all, and he and his family need our prayers.

11. Ms. Dawn
Dawn will be having a biopsy on Wednesday, March 11th.

12. Mr. Tommy
Tommy is having some health issues and the doctor put him on antibiotics and some cough medicine today.

13. Unspoken Requests
I have a couple of requests whose names must remain anonymous. There are a couple of gentlemen facing upcoming trials for something they've been accused of. More than likely the charges are true...but these men still need our prayers....that they will realize the mistakes they made and that they need to turn their lives over to God and to face whatever punishment they are given. Please also pray for their families, and also the families on the other side of the picture!!!

14. Pappy
I requested prayer concerning Pappy's elbow some time ago.
It's not any better and he will be seeing an orthopedic doctor on Friday, March 6th.

15. Steve Mayne
Mr. Mayne will be going to the VA Hospital for some tests.

16. Blake Henderson
Mr. Henderson has lung cancer.

17. Family of Tom Straka
Mr. Straka passed away...please keep his family in your prayers.

18. Mr. Ronnie
Mr. Ronnie had surgery last Friday.

19. Youth Trip to Winter Jam
The youth of BSBC will be attending Winter Jam. Please pray for their safety and also that God will bless our youth thru music.

20. Kathlene Burke
Ms. Burke was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

Dear Precious Lord,
As I come before you with this list of names, I realize you already know the situation for each of these people. I don't really know what to ask for, other than that Your will be done with each of their lives. Where death has come, please bring comfort and peace, especially in knowing that their loved one is with you, Father, if they had accepted Jesus as their Savior. If the situation is sickness, comfort hearts and minds and help them to not suffer, give them good days and nights of rest. If they are suffering because of a bad decision, please help them to face the consequences of their action and learn from them to take the wrong they've done and let something good come from it. If they haven't accepted you, then let them know that they need to do that now. Please be with our country, Father, and the leaders who are making decisions that affect all of us. Help those who are out of work, give them discernment to make good choices about jobs and finances. Help all of us to do that, Lord. I ask that you put a hedge around each of us, Lord, that we keep our focus on you and not allow the world to affect us....
not physically, emotionally, or spiritually.
Please hear my prayer and help me to be the woman that you would have me to be. Help me, Lord, to let Your light shine thru me that others can see You....I want You to have all the glory in everything that I do and say!!!
In Jesus Most Precious and Holy Name I pray this prayer,

In His Love...and with mine!!!

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