Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Morning Song - Part the Waters / I Need Thee Every Hour by Selah

When I Think I'm Going Under,
Part The Waters, Lord
When I Feel The Waves Around Me,
Calm The Sea
When I Cry For Help, Oh, Hear Me, Lord,
And Hold Out Your Hand
Touch My Life
Still The Raging Storm In Me

I Need Thee Every Hour, Most Gracious Lord
No Tender Voice Like Thine Can Peace Afford
I Need Thee, O I Need Thee
Every Hour I Need Thee
O Bless Me Now, My Savior
I Come To Thee

I Need Thee Every Hour,
In Joy Or Pain
Come Quickly And Abide,
Or Life Is Vain

In His Love...and with mine!!

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Proverbs 16:24