Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our week in review

This has been a WONDERFUL week!!!

It gives me a taste of how our lives will be when Pappy is able to retire!!! Even though we didn't go anywhere....we've spent so much time together this week....and, I know come Monday morning I'm going to be really sad to see him head back to work...and things to get back into the same old routine!!! Here's a few pics of our week....and some of the things we got accomplished....with lots more planned for today!!!

Jess took this pic of us on our way to lunch one day!!!

We took the boys to breakfast one morning, but I didn't get a, here's one taken at Easter. And, what's wrong with hunting leaves instead of eggs??? Aren't they precious little boys??? And, look how big they're getting!!!

I took this one because I just thought it was a beautiful dogwood tree!!!

On our way back from Knoxville one day, we stopped and got one of those new KFC meals...grilled chicken....yummy....and had a picnic at Carter Park. Have you all been there lately??? It's beautiful...and well kept. It was a gorgeous day!!!! We hadn't done anything like that in a very long time!!!

We've planned on putting pea gravel around the house for many years, but just couldn't seem to get around to, that was our anniversary gift to each other this year...except...we're doing all the work. We're both so sore and tired...but, it's looking so much better. The wonderful thing is...we'll never have to mulch again!!!! Thank goodness!!! I wish we had done this a long time ago!!!

I had no clue Pappy took this pic until I downloaded them off the camera!!! Think he wanted proof that I actually helped??? I'm just grateful that I'm partially hidden by the azalea!!!

(photo courtesy of JessicaLeighPhotography)

Isn't this beautiful??? I wanted to share a pic of our wisteria. Jess bought this for us on our 25th wedding anniversary....and it's grown so much. This was the first year that it had very many blooms on's grown up into a couple of dogwood trees, and it's gorgeous!!!

One last pic of Carter Park...these were the resident ducks!!!

And...last, but not least....this is the porch swing that my precious "back door neighbor" gave to us. This one is better than the one we had, so we put it on the porch...and took our old one and put it on the "A frame" out in the yard. Would you believe that the "A frame" was mine and my brother's when we were small? And...would you further believe that it's held up that long??? I bet it's at least 45 years old!!!! I love having it because it belonged to us!!!

Plus...I spent one afternoon with a very special lady whom I've become fast friends with. It seems we just hit it off about as soon as we met. It was a blessing to listen to her share her heart with me!!!!

Hope all of you had a wonderful week, too!!!

Don't forget....count your blessings....and attend the church of your choice in the morning!!!

Psalm 89:52 (KJV) - Blessed be the LORD forevermore. Amen, and Amen!!!

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!

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