Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Morning Song - God Must Really Love Me

I took a little break yesterday from shoveling gravel...Pappy wouldn't let me take too many (just kidding)....but I was sitting in the swing wondering what song I would use for today. I got to thinking (which I know can get a person in trouble)....but....I thought about how blessed I am. I told somebody a while back that very thing...that I'm sooooo blessed....and it almost made them angry...they got very sarcastic with me and said "well, we all are". I didn't understand where the attitude came from...and I was in no way trying to insinuate that I am any more blessed than anybody else. What I was trying to explain, and I hope that I was able to do so with this lady...was that I so totally don't deserve God's blessings. I am so very humbled by how He has blessed me and that He keeps His eye on, of all people. thinking about all this while taking my little short break (sounds like a long break if I did all that thinking)....and wondering what song to use for today....little did I know...that God had already worked that out!!! When Pappy finally let me quit (again, just kidding....we work soooo well together!!!)....I checked my e-mail....and had one from my friend, Ms. Shari (that she had sent even before I did my thinkin') asking me if I had heard a certain song....she said probably not since I don't listen to country music...and she was right, I hadn't heard it....but....I went to YouTube and checked it out....and cried....and would you believe it goes right along with my thoughts while I was swingin'!!!! that a that just way...
This isn't my "usual" Sunday morning song...but I feel it's what God wants me to post. Watch the video...and look at how many different people are portrayed with problems that life can bring....but, also notice how God "works it out" for each of them!!! I wasn't able to get the code to embed it in this post (it wasn't allowed for this particular song)'s the link for you to go and watch it:
God Must Really Love Me - by Craig Morgan
Happy, happy Sunday to each of you!!!
In His Most Precious Love...and with mine!!!


  1. Good Sabbath Morning to you Deb,
    You know I look forward to reading your post each day. Some of your posting are right on for me that very moment. I would like to make a comment on the person who was disgruntled with your joy....I have come to realize by "experience" of my own life...when I was let say in the 'ditch" with God for the moment I was resentful, jealous, envious of other's level of peace, happiness and that it brought an attitude up out of me toward the individual. So now when it is ME that is singing a new song of gratitude for the day...and it offends one ....I take that as a Heavenly Witness this person needs to feel the GOD's Love as with your song you dedicated today! GOD MUST REALLY LOVE ME....some people get so caught up in the cares of "this" life that is surrounds them with darkness, hate and death that they can no longer experience God Light Love and Life....
    I am sooo excited about the truths that are being revealed each day to bring me to a new level of true humility in realizig I Am nothing, I Know nothing, I Can do nothing, I Have nothing apart from GOD! All else is SINKING SAND!
    Be blessed my new friend

  2. Debbie, when I decided to send that song to you, I did it without even thinking in what was probably the shortest email ever! I had no idea God was using me. Sometimes, as we run with ball, I feel so far from God, even though, Im not doing anything bad or wrong, its just the distance i sense. I pray and ask God to keep me close and I know he continues working in my life even when im distracted but my poor life is so busy sometimes I dont even notice the things hes is doing. When I read your blog I got tears and chills. And I had never seen the video so when I played the video, i got chills and tears all over again at the thought of God working through me. Why he keeps choosing me, Ill never understand but will forever be grateful! I love you and I hope to see you tomorrow!


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