Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

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I tried to think of what I could write for Mother's Day....and about all I could do was just shed tears. The past couple of months have been very difficult for me, and thinking about being a Mom, just seemed to hit that spot that makes the tears flow
(you girls know what I'm talking about!!!)
One of my fondest memories of Mother's Day has absolutely nothing to do with any of the women in my family...but of my Uncle Bud...that's what I grew up calling him, and have no idea why....Mom can't remember, either!! Uncle was a character...I don't even know how to explain him....he was soooo funny!!! He had some problems....don't we all???!!!......but, the man had a heart of absolute gold. From the time Jess was born....until the year he died....he called me very single Mother's Day, sometimes before I even got out of bed that Sunday wish me a Happy Mother's Day. He will never know what that meant to me!!! To this day...and it's been probably 10 years...I still miss his calls.
When I think of a Mom, I naturally turn to all the Mom's in my own life. I'll have to start with my Mom's Mom....because without her, I wouldn't have my own Mom!!! Mamaw is such a sweet, dear, precious, little woman....whom I till have the privilege of having in my life, even though I fail to visit her like I should. Pappy and I went to see her Friday night...and she was just as happy and cheerful as ever. She had just told my aunt that she wished she felt better, that she would make a pound cake. She is...without a doubt...the best cook....EVER!!! She will turn 93 years old this how many 54 year old women do you know who still have their precious Mamaw?!?!
She's always been just the epitome of what a Grandmother should be!!!
I think of my own Mom, and all the sacrifices she made for me when I was growing up. She let her own needs go to do for me and my brother. She was a stay-at-home-Mom before being a SAHM was even popular....she told me it was what she had always wanted to do.....grow up, get married and have children.....and she wanted a daughter first...and, of course, that was me.

I have to mention my mother-in-law. This will be the first Mother's Day without her, since she passed away last July. She was the Mom of eight kids. She absolutely amazed me, especially at Christmas-time. With so many to buy for, she always started early....and she never made over a few cents difference in the gifts she bought for us. I have no idea how she did it. We're all going to miss her very much, and will especially feel the loss tomorrow!!!

I think of myself....I used to say that I thought that being a Mom was one of the few things in my life that I did right....I didn't say that bragging at all....I just felt that God blessed us with a wonderful child (only child), and Jess was so easy to care for. I took her bottle away at a little before 9 months, and even then she was only taking one a day. She never had a "pacie", or a "binkie", so I didn't have to break her from that....she never sucked her thumb (her comfort was an old ratty blanket that she still owns to this day). She walked before she was 11 months old. Pappy worked second shift for many years, so at night, it was just me and Jess....we spent sooooo much time together, and every single Friday night, we would go out to eat (Arby's was one of her fav's!!), and would go to K-Mart, or was our girls night out. Oh, such sweet memories. We're more like friends than mother and daughter!!!

Then....Jess grew up and became a Mom herself, and she is a wonderful Mommy. The boys absolutely love coming to Pappy and Nannie's house...but, even while they're here, sometimes Big Brother will say, "I see my Mommy". Every child needs the security of having a Mommy....and that she will always be there no matter what. Everybody needs security....PERIOD!!! The hardest thing, I think, about Big Brother going to Mother's Day Out....was the insecurity of wondering if Mommy had left him....but once he realized she is coming back to get know, like she wouldn't, since those boys are attached to her hips....he can feel free to play...then, everything is right with his little world.

My spiritual you have any???
Let me just name a few of mine.
My very first one was Ms. Mildred. She was my Sunday school teacher when I was just a little girl, and she still remains so close to my heart to this day.
Ms. Kate....when I first started teaching adults in Sunday school, she was my mentor.
Ms. of the first ladies I became friends with at our this day we could talk on the phone for hours!!!
Ms. Thelma....she is my present Sunday School teacher.....and although, she's not actually old enough to be my Mom.....she's such a precious lady, with such a sweet, sweet spirit and I have NEVER known anybody who knows and understands scripture like her!!!
Ms. Norma....I grew very close to Ms. Norma when I changed Sunday school classes. She's not led an easy life, and has faced so many health concerns....but, she has that "faith that can move mountains"!!!!!
I'm not saying any of this about these ladies because they're going to read this....
I think only one might even have a computer!!!

I didn't really have a song that I could think of that would be a good one to share since today is Sunday....and Mother's Day...but every time I hear "Your Love Amazes Me", I think of my Mom, because she really liked that song....and she told me one time that every time she heard it, it reminded her of my Dad. Daddy was sick with emphysema for several years and my Mom stood by him and took care of him. She is now sharing the duties of taking care of my Mamaw with her sister. I know she's not had an easy life. She always worked hard when I was growing up. I can still picture her sweeping the kitchen (we didn't have a vacuum cleaner) and every summer we gardened and canned and "put up". She sewed and she made all of my clothes when I was in school...grammar and high school!!!
What an amazing seamstress she is!!!
She's always been such a hard worker, and her age hasn't slowed her down one bit (just ask anybody who goes by her house and sees her on the roof at the age of SEVENTY-FIVE).
She has more spunk....more drive....more determination than any woman I have ever known. I wish I had gotten that from her!!!
She'll probably never get to even see this....but.....
I dedicate this song to my Mom!!!
I love you, Mom!!!

Hope each of you who are Mom's...
Spiritual Moms....
and, Grandmother's....
have a very blessed...happy....Mother's Day!!!
In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!

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  1. you are so sweet!

    YOUR (my love amazes me!

    i remember her turning that up for her and papaw to hear.

    oh...good good times!


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