Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

What did all of you do for Mother's Day???

Did you spend time with your Mom...and your kids....and your grandbabies???

When I got to the sanctuary from Sunday school, Jess was there with the boys. It was so nice to have my baby, and her babies in church with me on Mother's Day.

This is my Mother's Day corsage.

Can you tell what it is?

It's the boys' handprints made into lillies!!! I adore it!!!

A few weeks ago, Jess came by the house and asked if I wanted my Mother's Day gift. Since they've been building their house, her car is loaded down with things for the house and she was showing me something, and just happened to have my gift in the car, too. Now..don't ask me if I want to wait for you to give me something....'cause the answer is going to be "no". I love gifts...who doesn't?!?!?'s a pic:

Is he not adorable???

And...he's solar. Leave him in the sun all day and he glows an eerie green at night.

So....I thought this was my Mother's Day gift, until she started hinting that she was making me something. Jess is very talented. She's made her cousin some amazing work for Christmas and birthday gifts.'s what she made me:

The colors she chose are the same as the baskets that hold my yarn in my sewing/craft room!! She painted the tree onto an old door....and the "leaves" are the colors that match my room!!!! Oh...she also says the 3 owls represent either Pappy, her and me....or me and our two boys!!!!

(do you all get the hint that I kinda, sorta like owls???)

Yesterday after church, we went to see my Mom.

It's been Y-E-A-R-S since I've had a picture of just Mom and me, so Pappy took this one. I've gotta tell you all Mom has NEVER dyed her hair....NEVER....look how much more gray I have than her (not to mention how many more pounds!!!!)

Then...Jess and I spent the afternoon walking thru the antique malls over on "66". We had such a good time. Pappy asked if I found anything I liked/wanted...and I said "yes"....he then asked why I didn't get it....well....if I had an extra thousand, or two, laying around...then, I would have brought home a pie safe...a dough bowl...a sign...a huge barn star...................

It was enough just to go and look and browse...even though I did wind up taking off my shoes and walking bare-footed thru the top part of the store...remind me to never wear uncomfortable shoes to shop!!!

All in was a good day!!!

Hope each of you had a happy day, too!!!

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!

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