Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Playlist

Several of you have been wondering about my choice of songs for my Playlist on "Wise Old Owl"....well.....for those of you who know me well, you know how much I absolutely love music....almost any kind of music. The songs you'll hear on here....have some kind of meaning to me!! A song has to move me....hearing the song might bring back the memory of a certain time in my life....when Pappy and I were young and in love (not there's anything wrong with being old and in love...ha! ha!)....songs popular when we were dating....songs that bring back such sweet memories of special times in my life....so....don't think I'm terrible when you hear some of these songs that I've picked. Again, I rarely ever listen to secular music....my music of choice is contemporary Christian music...and good old gospel hymns....but....sometimes.....I just like to let a song take me back several years....okay a lot of years.....to when I was in high school....or first dating....or first married!!!
All the songs on here hold a special meaning to me....be they new, or old....and isn't that music is supposed to do for us???
So...that being said...watch this old Peter Wolf video
"Come As You Are"!!!
Pappy and I always loved this video,
just because he jumped thru the entire thing!!!
I dare you to watch it and it not put a smile on your face!!!

(don't forget to always turn off the Playlist before listening to a video....or....you're gonna get a mish-mash of noise that makes no sense!!!!)


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