Monday, June 1, 2009

A Little Road Trip

One day last week, Jess and I decided we needed to get away. Our original plans didn't quite work out, so we just decided to get up and leave early one morning and head to Etowah and shop at the outlets there. It's absolutely unreal the bargains they have. The items are brand-spankin'-new, most of them coming from Tar-jay and K-Mart....some are seasonal....some are possibly things that just didn't sell very well....but we both got some amazing deals. But...before we got to Etowah....we stopped at the Mayfield Dairy in Athens.
Here's a little picture tour of our trip:

I've always loved this huge cross on the side of Interstate 40. I remember when it was first built, there was a lot of controversy over people not wanting to look at a cross along the side of the road....well, I for one LOVE IT!!!
Why would a cross offend somebody??? Makes no sense to me!!!

This is the entrance to the Mayfield Dairy Farms Visitor Center in Athens. Both Jess and Pappy should own stock in this much of their ice cream that they've bought over the years. I think this would be the perfect place for Pappy to work...if it wasn't so far away!!! There's a free tour of the plant, but we decided against that until the boys are a bit older!!! didn't get to meet Scotty Mayfield.... :o)

This isn't the best picture...but the boys were fascinated with the bronze cow laying in the little courtyard of the visitor center!!!! It's so difficult to get pics of them both together...looking in the same direction!!! I'm sure Jess got some better pics. She took one of both boys and Nannie straddling this cow....I haven't seen that one yet....that's one I'm hoping none of you get to see!!!

Big Brother was fascinated with Maggie the cow.....Little Bit must have been, too, because he wouldn't look at the camera!!! And, their Mommy....isn't she beautiful!?! It was so nice to spend the entire day together and be relaxed...not being on a time-table!!!

Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream.....yummy!!!

To be continued.............


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