Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Couple More.....

My friend called me this morning with a couple of prayer requests that she would like you Prayer Warriors to put on your prayer lists!!!
1. Briana
I hope I'm spelling her name right. She is the daughter of Charlotte, who has been on our prayer list because of her work circumstances (please continue to pray for her to get a job she's interviewing for...if it's God's will!!!) Briana is having some tests run. Please pray that cancer isn't found. Ms. Briana is only 19 years old. Pray for her, Charlotte, and also the doctors.
2. Jill
This is a friend of my friend. Ms. Jill's daughter contacted my friend that she is very ill and that the doctors have advised her to 'get her affairs in order'. Ms. Jill needs the Lord...please pray that my friend can be of comfort to her during this time...but also lead her to accept Jesus into her heart....and also for traveling mercies as she travels to South Carolina to be with
Ms. Jill.
Please remember both of these (actually all 3)....when you pray today.
In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!

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