Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Everything old is new again!!!

I wish I had a before picture I could share with you...but I refinished this little chest-of-drawers long before the Internet was even thought about

(didn't Al Gore take the credit for inventing the Internet?!?)
(ha! ha! ho! ho! he! he!)
This chest is part of my Mom and Dad's very first bedroom suite. It has a date of 1955 on the back...which was the year I was born...which makes it an antique, right?!?!?
Many years ago there was a finish on furniture called "blond"....which amounted to a creamy, milky, yucky mess when you try to take it off to refinish it. But....I did just that....I stripped this chest...the dresser....the night stand (only one)....and also the bookcase headboard...probably around 25 years ago. Jess used the furniture when she lived at home and she kept her Golden Books in the headboard of the bed. When she got married, she took the chest with her for extra storage...but now that they've moved into their new home....the little chest of drawers was returned to me....and I LOVE HER!!!
She now has a home in my foyer...right under the ship that my brother made me.
Doesn't she just look like she belongs there?!?!?
Of course..that meant finding another home for my treadle sewing machine...but I did...and I think she's happy out on the "back porch"...
with all the rest of my old stuff!!!

I haven't decided yet what the little chest is gonna hold...
but I'm sure I'll find something to fill her up with!!!


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