Sunday, December 13, 2009

Vintage Christmas Monday

It's Monday....time again for Vintage Christmas Monday sponsored by Joan at

So...this week...for your viewing pleasure....I want to share some old ornaments that my Mom used to hang on our tree when I was a little girl...and since I'll soon be fifty-five...
I'm figuring they can be considered "vintage"....right? 
I know they're 50+ years old!!!

See the bells and the balls? 
They have angel hair inside of them. 
Can you still buy angel hair? 
My Mom warned us every single year...."do not touch the angel hair"...."it will cut your fingers, or get stuck in your fingers"...."it's spun glass"!!! 
It seems funny now, because I was petrified to even touch 'em!!!
Mom also gave me the silver ones and the green one on top!!! 
I have another one somewhere...that says "Merry X-Mas"....and I won't put it out! 
I can't bear for Christ to be taken out of Christ-mas!!!

Christmas Blessings to you,


  1. i LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing the ornaments and things of my childhood on here! those ornaments that you tried to sale in the yard sale last year. . .the plastic ones. . .oh i adore them and remember them being on the tree when i was so young. so glad they are hanging on my tree now!

  2. Those are beautiful ornaments and wonderful family treasures!
    I saw a box of angel hair at an antique store last week. It was blue. I thought it was very interesting as that was the first time I had ever seen angel hair.

  3. These are so pretty. I remember being scared to death of anything with angel hair in them too. My dad worked for a fiberglass company and it was the same thing. He was an engineer, but some days he'd come home and say, "Don't hug me until I change, I've been out in the plant today".

  4. I think angel hair is fiberglass. I bet you can't buy it anymore!!! My grandmother, sealed her tree in angel hair! I hated the stuff...and underneath it was ribbon candy that I so wanted to eat as a kid. I am going to post about it! xo Joan your hostess

  5. Aren't you blessed to have these ornaments from your childhood along with the memory of your mother's admonitions "not to touch...."?!

    By the way, I understand that the X is X-mas was not originally meant to replace Christ but REPRESENT Him. It the X is a Greek symbol (oops....I can't remember the name now that I'm trying....but we learned this in Sunday School this week) that represented Christ to the ancient Greeks!


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