Saturday, December 5, 2009

Winter Wonderland

My sis-in-law just informed me...that she didn't make the snowman....her bro-in-law...made it and she loved it so much that she made herself one.
Please forgive me, Jeff, if you've read this...didn't mean to give Ms. Kay all the credit....all of you are just so talented, it's hard to tell the difference!!
Either way...he's ALL MINE now...and that's pretty much all that matters to me!!
(sorry if that sounds selfish!!)

It snowed!! snowed on a Saturday....when most people were home and didn't have to get out and about and drive in it! WAS beautiful!!! 
I say was...because it melted away really fast. 
I did manage to step outside and take a couple of pics. 
The only thing missing was a red cardinal sitting in the trees...or on the old wagon wheels!!!

And...what's a snow....without a snowman?
I'm slowly....very slowly....putting out a few Christmas decorations.
As I've already shared with y'all.....
I Red heart snow-people.
This is a snowman that my precious sis-in-law made for her mother-in-law.  Well...when we were separating some of my MIL's things....of course I wanted him....but my sis-in-law got him back...and know what she did?  She gave him to me!!!
Isn't he adorable??
I added a few cranberry colored poinsettias to match our door and shutter color...and hung him up just in time for our first snowfall!!!

Christmas Blessings to you,

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  1. I have to say that I rather deliver mail in the snow then the rain for it is so beautiful and was thankful to work Sat. Saw several snowman made and even today (Monday) saw some still standing but missing the head!


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