Saturday, February 20, 2010

So many projects...... little time!!!

Are you like me...and you have about 100 things going thru your mind that you want to make?!?!?
Right  craft room is loaded down with some of Pappy's things we moved out of the living room when we did our major rearranging!!!  It's all going to be worth it though....if I can just get thru the stress of stepping over things!!! are a few things I have on my to do list.....

(courtesy of flickr)

 I think I'm gonna make this one next fall....just for me....because....I have pa-lenty of scrap fabric!!!

(courtesy of etsy)

This little fellow is named "Mikey"....and she also makes his sister (or girlfriend)....and her name is Molly.  Since Big Brother got a stuffed puppy made by Nannie....I'm thinkin' Little Bit might need a monkey like Mikey....or like Magoo.
(photo from my "Ideas for Sewing" folder)

This is something that Jess wants me to make for her....well, with her last name, of course!!!

(photo from my "Ideas for Sewing" folder)

I want to make these for the boys by the time they start loosing their teeth!!!

(photo from my "Ideas for Sewing" folder)

I love this little whimsical for me....and maybe one for Jess in her craft room colors?!?!

(photo from my "Ideas for Sewing" folder)

And...I want to make a few more of these for special little boys and girls.....

(a hat I crocheted)

I already have the supplies to make this cardinal decorating a tree in the nest....

And....I want to make this for myself....just because....

(photo from my "Ideas for Sewing" folder)

But this one....or Little Bit's stuffed animal....will probably be my next big project
(well, besides fixing some pillows for Jess).  
This bag is actually from Anthroplologie.  Mine won't look just like this one...but I've already purchased the  ribbons and other things to make it look similar.  This bag is no longer available from them...but...I did find it on e-bay a year or so ago...and it was going for close to $200...yes, I said TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!  When I see prices like that....I always think of what bill I could pay with that much $$$$$!!!!

But...isn't it  gorgeous....and if you know me....then, you know how I love my whimsical owls!!!

So...why am I not working on a project instead of blogging about working on a project.....
.....good question???
Is it any wonder my BP is up?!?!?

Blessings to you!!!

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!


  1. Oh man, if you get around to making a pillow like that..I will buy one! If you know how to sew like that I'm so jealous!

  2. Ms. Rhonda....I'm not too shabby on the sewing machine!!! It's just getting to it right now because of Pappy's stuff!!! I'll post a pic of Jess' after I get it made...whenever that might be!! HA! HA!


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