Thursday, April 8, 2010

You pick the title

I had several different ideas for the title to this post.....
***Decluttering....Part 2
***I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired
***A fresh start
***Oh, no, not again

Do you ever feel like just starting over?  
Spring makes me feel this way.
I spent some time outdoors over the weekend....working in the yard....and as I enjoyed the beautiful weather, I thought about "a fresh start".  I've actually wanted to write this post for some time....but either didn't have the nerve....or hated to be so open and honest....I don't know....let's just suffice it to ain't happened yet....until now!!!

A few weeks ago I did a post on "Decluttering"....and I shared with y'all that I'm trying very hard to declutter....clean out....clean 3 different areas.....

*my home
*my mind
*my body

Since I didn't elaborate very much on the body part.....and told you there would be more on that topic later....well, I think later is NOW!!!

If you're new to my blog.....or to refresh your memory.....let's start at the beginning!!!
I'm not exactly sure when my weight problem started.  I know that my Mom told me that I didn't walk until I was about 18 months old because I had scurvy.  In case you've never heard of's a Vitamin C deficiency.  I have no clue what the long term effects are 'cause I can't find any on-line....but can I blame my weight problem on that???
No....are you sure....well, it was worth a try!!!

Okay, then, let's move on.

Here's a pic of me at almost 9 months old.....and I promise this will be the only topless one....

(talk about a chunky monkey!!!)

My Mom also told me that when I was young, she would put me on a diet....I don't know at what age that was....but here's a pic of me at almost 5 years old.....

And.....this next one was at the age of almost 12....and you'll notice that as I  grew taller, I thinned down quite a bit....

Yes, I was looking a lot better....but the sad thing was....I wasn't just thin....I actually became anorexic.  Without going into full detail....I simply quit eating.   At the time, this was the only thing in my life that I felt I had any control over.....nobody could force me to I didn't!!! 
I became very unhealthy....quit having menstrual periods....and was absolutely exhausted all the time (sounds kinda like my life now, but I'm far from anorexic!!!!) 
I wish I could find the pic of me at my thinnest.....I looked pretty bad.  The smallest weight I can remember getting down to was 104.....and at my height (around 5'6").....I was close to 25-30 lbs underweight. 
That's never happened again in the following 40 years!!!

Pappy and I married in 1977.....and I weighed about 120-125 then....but gained about 20 lbs probably during the first year of married life.  I went on a "diet"....and got down to 119. 

Anyway.....when I got pregnant with Jess....I weighed 125, which was a very decent weight.....but.....I gained almost 50 lbs during my the day I went to the hospital to deliver....I weighed 173 lbs!!
I wish my memory was as good to remember things that are actually important!!   Doesn't it amaze you how us women can remember exactly what we weigh on any given event in our lives?
I lost the "baby" weight pretty quickly.....and got back down to a decent weight.....but, then, over the years....the weight would creep up....and I'd "diet" and it would go back down.  In other words, I was a perfect example of a "yo-yo dieter"!!!!
I tried almost every diet name it and I've probably tried it.....
*Low calorie/low fat/ low carb
*Slim Fast
*OTC diet pills
*Prescription diet pills
(I hate to even admit this one....and they made me so sick that I actually thought my heart was gonna stop!!!  Again....why would I do that to myself just to loose weight?!?!?)
*The Lord's Table
*Weigh Down Diet
*Weight Loss God's Way
I'm sure I'm leaving something out.  I sure would love to have the money back that I've spent on all these useless products.  Of course, I could probably recoup the money if I would just write a book about all the nutrition facts I've learned over the years.
Oh....and speaking of books.....I've bought plenty of those, too....on the topic of weight!!!
When I quit work about 3.5 years ago.....well, I won't say what I weighed....but I've lost about 20-25 lbs since I quit. age 55.....I'm still 50+ lbs overweight.  I'll do great for several weeks....and then something will happen to just throw me all off track and I get into the mindset  "what's the use....I've already blown it".....or....."I'll start my "diet" on Monday".....or "who cares anyway what I look like?"....does any of this sound familiar to any of you other ladies?!?!?
Here's the latest pic taken this past Sunday so you can see just how desperately I need to loose.....

The sad part is....I don't see myself as being as big as I actually am.  Now, isn't that a change from how most women feel?  I have a sweet, precious friend who is so thin....and looks soooo good....but she perceives herself as big!!! 
Oh, will us girls ever be comfortable in our bodies?!?!?'s where you come in.
Since so many of us seem to be in this boat together.....let's begin the journey together.
Would you....could so kind as to leave me a comment sharing any/all of the following:

****your own struggles with this problem
****how you've been able to win the "battle of the bulge"
****any fitness tips you might want to share
****low cal snacks
****low cal recipes
****helpful web-sites
****any scripture that you've found helpful
****anything that is on your heart/mind that you just want to share with somebody who completely understands what you're going thru

If I get enough feedback, I'm gonna share some of your thoughts in future posts.....and I'll let you know my progress, too!!!

1 Corinthians 6:19-20 (NLT)
Don’t you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God?  You do not belong to yourself, for God bought you with a high price.
So you must honor God with your body.

Philippians 4:13 (NLT)
 For I can do everything through Christ,who gives me strength.

I so very much look forward to hearing from each of you.  Let's do this together....and support and help one another!!!

(p.s....when you leave me a comment.....let me know what you think I should have titled this post!!!)

Blessings to you!!!

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!


  1. I cried when I read are beyond precious to me. I saw you Sunday and thought that you had lost some more weight, but didn't say anything...I'm sorry I should have. You are one of the sweetest persons that I know.

  2. "Weighing in on Weight"

    So many people sturggle with weight. I think God and your resolve are really the only thing that works.

    I did many diets when my husband was alive. He needed to lose weight. So "WE" went on a diet. I would lose weight and he wouldn't. I found all the hidden Snickers when he died. LOL

    My weight is fine. I think not worrying about our weight helps.

    I do eat yogurt on a regular basis and one of my favorite snacks are SPecial K bars because they are good! My new weakness is Babybel cheese. They ar emy new candy. The great thing about them other than taste is you don't want anything else to eat. There are times an individual Babybel cheese is my meal.

    Wishing you uch success in your weight loss journey.

    I hope you'll stop by my blog today.

  3. Well, first let me say that you look so pretty in the Easter photo! Just Beautiful!

    I have always struggled with my weight and can tell you every Bible verse that speaks on the matter. A year and a half ago, my weight was really down to what was close to where I wanted it (healthy) but right now I am up 20 lbs above that.

    For me, counting calories is the way to go which means if you want to eat much at all you really have to fill up on veggies and fruit. I always allowed for something good if only just a delicious bite.

    It is so true... when your doing good it isn't too hard. But, when you slip it is so hard to get that mind set back! I agree with Christie's comment that "your resolve is really the only thing that works".

    Another thing that was a big help to me was to set short goals. I might realistically plan to be a certain weight by someones birthday, a holiday or event. Sometimes a week or maybe up to several weeks. Hitting those short goals is very motivating!

    Sending love and prayers as you continue to move in the right direction!
    Kindly, ldh

  4. Hi Deb...join the club! I was never anorexic but all my family are in the 200-300lb. range. I'm 189 now and don't know quite how it happened. I stayed low after determining to lose weight after the second baby (down to 119) and kept it to 130-140 for years and through four babies.

    But this last six years my weight started creeping up. If I'm not paying attention..I eat. It's that simple. I have to remember to eat small meals and stop. I did the weigh down thing too.

    Gwen was way off track in her theology for the most part, but she had hit upon one truth that has helped me ever since. It had the most useful life long principle in that the idea of waiting until you are hungry and stopping when you are full makes so much sense both biblicly and physically. I've been thinking about this for some time.

    I'd be glad to jump on the wagon with you! But you know, you really do look fine--Like the sweet friend that you are. Sadly,I think that I always thought I looked fat at every weight. Now looking back, I wish I still weighed that. It's too bad it had to ruin so many moments when I could have accepted myself and my struggle as one of those unchangeables.

    I don't mean to accept the overweightness..that can be controlled...but the fact that I have to be consciously aware of what I eat more than others. That it's a weakness for me.

    I think the most important thing I've learned from the Lord recently, is to offer up my 'eating' to the Lord. In other words, "Lord let me eat as unto you." I tend towards self-indulgence for comfort and it isn't just food. The Lord has been dealing with other issues.

    I think that for some of us, hurts in the past lead to a need for some sort of 'comfort'.

    You know, Elisabeth Elliot said that we should obey the Lord and leave the results up to Him. We know in our hearts what we ought to eat and ought not. His sheep hear his voice...and he will tell us what we should and shouldn't eat. But if that means it takes five years to lose the what.

    Being overweight is no sin..but not obeying the Lord in everything is. At least that's the heart of it for me. I've just not been listening very well lately or heeding.

    I don't believe our battle will be over until we die..but if the struggle keeps us close to the Lord..then it's worth it. But we should never feel condemned because we have to struggle with food. Everyone has a struggle with something. It just doesn't 'show' on everyone.

    I'll keep you in my prayers, if you'll keep me in yours!


  5. Deb, I think one of the hardest things to deal with when you want to lose weight is the well-meaning people who tell you that you don't need to lose..that you look fine. That is not the point of weight loss. The point is how you FEEL. I am overweight by about 40 pounds, even though I am only 5' tall. I have most of my excess in my waist, hips and thighs. I can't bend over to tie my uses or paint my toes without having to stop and stand back up to take a breath. It doesn't matter if others think I look okay. I don't feel it and I think that is a detrement to me every time I try to lose.

  6. you are my most precious friend and i absolutely adore you. . . .in everyway!!

    i'm very thankful you posted this. you know all the lousy "plans" i've been on and how they didn't work!

    i need help! maybe if i can get a little motivation tomorrow and see how high the scales have tipped. . .maybe, just maybe i can conquer it once and for all!

    i love you, and you look so beautiful in that photo on the front porch!

  7. Deb, what a beautiful pic of you in that blue on the front porch of joy....I think that the image we have of ourselves is the "iron hand" that holds us tight to great great that they are quite impossible to reach setting us up for discouragement, disappointments, failure....I do not see over weight your are absoulutely beautiful..I know for myself I have this image inside of me that I want to be, smaller, prettier, smartier, more meek, having a quite spirit, more spiritual more obedient, more faithful, ...well the list goes on and on ....but coming to terms that as I stand obedient to take care of my temple, ya know the temple of the Holy Spirit, that truly as I surrender to the plans and purpose of God for my life, I seem to lose interest in the unimportant things...which are but the "expectations of the irnon hand" trying to rule my life...the iron hand is relentless....
    This a.m. the LORD took me to Psalm are the words that stand out to me, joyful, gladness, singing, thanksgiving, praise....gotta lose sight of the natural to gain the spiritual....come join me this Friday for a day of "joyful noise, serving the LORD with gladness, singing before him, giving him thanksgiving and praise ...
    Hugs Deb


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24