Monday, August 30, 2010

Mishmash Monday

 Today's Mishmash Monday is gonna be a conglomerate of thoughts....

1.  Am I the weakest Christian alive?  
I ask that question....because it seems that so many are able to just rise above....let go and let God....give it to Him and leave it there. I just overboard honest and so transparent that I can't hide when things are wrong?!?!?

2.  I have a friend on Facebook who needs our prayers.  Because I, too, battle depression, I know part of what he's going thru....but, he also has other major health concerns.  Is it just me....or do y'all agree that it has to be much tougher for a man to admit depression?  After all, we expect men to be strong and supportive.....but, to me, those expectations just add to their depression.   
Please keep my friend, Mr. Bill, in your thoughts and prayers....PLEASE!!

3.  How many of you have ever been disappointed in somebody?  Or....have you ever been the cause of disappointment for another person?  I've been on both the receiving and dishing out ends of that emotion....and neither are pretty, are they?  It's so sad how many precious relationships can come to a screeching halt....just over misunderstandings....and  an unwillingness to forgive. 
 The words "I'm sorry"....carry so much weight!!

4.  I shared that Pappy and I are doing "The Love Dare".....I HIGHLY recommend this 40 day "dare"....but more so for younger married couples.  Even though Pappy and I are enjoying it....and reaping benefits from it....we both agree that it would have been even more helpful to us when we were first married. 

5.  Because of a committee that Pappy is on at church....we visit other churches quite often.  Although I miss our own church terribly....this has been a great learning experience for us.  Not only do we get to see how a lot of other churches conduct their services....we get to experience first hand how God isn't just at one church....His Holy Spirit isn't just confined to "our" church....
....He's EVERYWHERE!!!
How 'bout that?

 6.  Speaking of Pappy....we observed The Lord's Supper during our evening service at church last night....and I cannot even express the pride that wells up inside me when I see him helping to serve!!! 
Oh, how I love that man of mine!!!

7.   I'm not sure why this even came to mind....but I detest bad language....and dirty jokes....and sexual innuendos!!  Sometimes I'll happen upon a blog when I'm doing a bit of "blog hopping".....and I  cannot believe the language that's used.  Something deep inside me just knots up when I read "bad words".  And....if you're on Facebook....please watch those abbreviations that you use....even in fun...there are kids on there watching....reading....and taking note of who says what!!!
Oh, I know....I've got the label "stick in the mud".....but, I really do know how to laugh and cut up and have fun....really I do....but let's leave the dirty stuff and foul mouths out of the equation...okay?!?!?   
 8.  And....speaking of having fun....some of you know about my encounter with the naked man while on my morning walk a few weeks back.  While minding my own business, walking down the hill....I heard a noise and what do we do when we hear a noise?  
We look to see where it's  coming from, of course!!!  Well, this was a "don't look, Ethel" moment (how many of you remember Ray Stevens...and The Streak?)....because the noise I heard was a door shutting....and there stood a man with nary a stitch of clothes on....smoking a cigarette!!!  It was a race to see who could move the down the hill, or him back into his house....I think I won.
(c0uld that be how I hurt my heel?)
But....I think I've discovered why he was naked....because this is what has been in a shrub in his yard for several weeks now....

 I think before wintertime I'll buy him a pair of sweatpants and lay in the shrub!!!

Proverbs 17:22 (KJV) 
A merry heart doeth good like a medicine:  
but a broken spirit drieth the bones.

Merry Monday, Everybody!!!

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!


  1. What a wonderful 'mishmash' of stuff. From the very serious to the whimsical. I have added Mr. Bill to my prayer box for up-lifting. If you know anything about my problems with agoraphobia/depression, you will know that I understand.
    I so agree with you on the bad language issue. I've got a couple of followers that I have some trouble with. They're old seamen who just think it's okay. They know to toe the line with me inprivate eMails, though, and I"m thankful.
    I may be a way for a couple of days but I've got some posts drafted. I'll not be far. Have a good start of a new week, my friend.
    I always look forward to seeing you.

  2. I absolutely love your blog. This post really hits home. We think so much alike.
    I'm sure I've let people down, but hopefully not to the magnitude that I was let down after my tongue surgery in '08. My BF who had promised to be by my side and support me in every way possible just totally deserted me. We've since made some headway, but things will never be the same again.
    I also agree about the ugly language. I just hate seeing it on places that I like to visit. I have hidden some people from my FB feeds because of it. I grew up listening to my dad use it, but then I didn't have a choice. Now I do.
    I don't have to drink and party to have fun. I never have, and I'm not about to conform now.
    Keep up the good work.
    (Too funny about your naked guy. I agree, buy him some kind of pants, and leave them on his doorstep.) LOL

  3. Too funny. Pants in the shrub. I am a new follower. I hope you will follow me too.

  4. heavens... I just don't know what I would have done about the naked man.... sheesh!

    Prayed for your Mr Bill and appreciated your Mishmash Monday!

  5. disappoinments in life may happen it is the gift of forgiveness that sets it all straight. All to often it is that gift that we are unwilling to give that destroys friendships. Yes I too have been on both sides of this in one way or another.

    I am your newest follower. If you find time stop by my blog and see me as well

  6. Maybe you should mail those sweat pants to him from an unknown sender! LOL

  7. What a lovely blog you have! Thanks for sharing. Stopping by from Meet&Greet. Happy Monday! :o) <a href=">Larri at Seams Inspired</a>

  8. What a lovely blog! I love that quote in the beginning about kindness. You have a new follower! You have a great blog! I look forward to following it! Come and visit Mama's Little Chick.

    Mama Hen


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24