Monday, September 20, 2010

Knowing God!

Four times lately....I've came across the name "Hosea".  As you know, Pappy and I are reading the Bible thru together this year, and we just started reading the book of Hosea.  I read on another blog that the ladies were reading the book of Hosea (this was before Pappy and I got quite that far along). I keep a lot of notes, and as I was going back thru my little "note" book....I came across a verse of scripture in the book of Hosea that our Sunday school teacher had given us as a reference to look up several weeks ago....and as I scanned the Saturday paper (Faith and Family is one of my favorite sections of the week)....there was a  book author featured who had written a book based on the relationship between Hosea and his wife, Gomer....who, by the way was a prostitute.  I already knew that about Hosea....which made me wonder....why in the world would God be directing me to read about something "LIKE THAT"....what could that possibly have to do with me?!?!

When something exciting is about to do you react?!?!? Pappy and I sat down Sunday afternoon to read....I felt in my heart that God was going to show me exactly why He wanted me in the book of HIS word!!!  I started to get excited....EXCITED about GOD'S I heart began to beat a little faster....because I KNEW....that God was a fixin' to show me somethin'!!!

Hosea 6:6 (NLT)
I want you to show love, not sacrifices. 
I want you to know me more than I want burnt offerings!! 
Do you know what knowledge is?  
Knowledge is simply knowing all about something.  
To most of society today....knowledge is associated with education....information....facts!!!  But...did you know....that in Biblical times....knowledge was centered in personal relationships?  To really know somebody, a close personal relationship is required.  Knowing God involves a lot more than just having a knowledge of the Bible (although there's nothing wrong with that)....or being able to quote scripture (again, that can be a plus).  It's more than giving up a few hours of my time to go to church (sacrifices).  Knowing God....means having an intimate relationship with HIM.  It means....and here's where it gets difficult for me....
.....learning to view EVERYTHING as HE does.  
Truly knowing God will make a huge difference in our me start over....
.....truly knowing God...will make a difference in my speech....and my actions....and even in my thoughts.  It will change my priorities....what I value.  It will have me continually asking God to empty me of....myself....and fill me up with more and more of HIM!!!

O - Of
S - Salvation and
E - Eternal
A - Acceptance
(my own acrostic of HOSEA)

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!


  1. wow i like the definition of Hosea... thanks for this yet another inspiring post... i love coming by this place.. so much!!

  2. Thank.You.So.Much. You just articulated exactly what I felt Jesus was trying to say to me recently!!!

  3. I'm a new follower. Beautiful blog. Very inspiring.


  4. Great message!!

    I'm stopping by to email subscribe from Mailbox Monday- can't find email option so I added your feed to my google reader.

  5. The story of Hosea is amazing. I had to smile when I read "Pappy". That's what my mother always called my dad. I wish they had read the Bible together. My mother always read it but as far as I know my dad never did.
    Today is the first day of Fall. Your blog represents the season beautifully.

  6. A wonderful message for you to share with blogland. I love reading the bible. I hope you have a wonderful wednesday. Smiles, Kim


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