Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tiny Table Transformation

I really like the look of furniture with a stained top and painted "bottom" that's what I  had in mind for this little $5 yard sale find!

Somewhere in her lifetime, she must have had a little shelf at the bottom....because there were holes in her legs that got filled with wood putty.

I put one not so perfect coat of primer over the bottom part of the table, including the drawer!

Before spray painting the bottom of the table, I used newspaper to tape off the top. 
 After getting the top sanded down (which I didn't get pics of).....I applied a coat of stain....then, sanded it down....then, applied another coat.  I put a coat of polyurethane....sanded it with very fine steel wool....and applied another coat.  Then....I used the same stain to put a "wash" over the table legs, letting the stain stay in the grooves.

Note to self....use gloves when using stain, especially when you have a dental appointment that afternoon!!!
Here she is sporting her brand new little knob that I got from Lowe's!!!
 And, I went thru my stash of scrapbook papers and found one that I liked and used spray adhesive to adhere it to the inside of the drawer.
Here she is sitting in the foyer holding a little lamp and some fall decorations!!!

So....whatcha think?  
I told Pappy I'm ready to do this to our dining room table!!!

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!! 

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  1. I absolutely LOVE it!! Why can't I ever seem to find good yard sales around my neck of the woods? I must take more time to find out where the good stuff is. You did an awesome job AND I'm proud of your prep work.


  2. One word my dear...BEAUTIFUL!!!

  3. thats a nice table...!!

  4. love it!!!...the dining room is a must !

  5. It looks awesome in your foyer! you did such a great job on the finishing. I think you should start on that dining room table right away! ;)

  6. Oh, it looks absolutely AMAZING! I want a round dining table and chairs finished just like that to go in our breakfast area. I have been scouring Craig's List trying to find just the right one. Of course, then hubby would have to find time to work on it and I have no idea when that would be! Maybe you could come for a visit? :0)

    Thank you so much for stopping by and, as always, leaving such sweet words of encouragement. I definitely thought of you as I was writing my WFW piece yesterday. I actually had chosen another verse and picture and already had it in place. However, as I was writing, I realized it had absolutely nothing to do with the particular verse I already had chosen! It is funny how that happens sometimes. Maybe I have been doing it backwards! :0)

    Well, thanks again for stopping by. You are such a dear sweet friend.


    Teresa <><

  7. wow, its a cute little table, i like it a lot, just perfect for a foyar or as a telephone table!!

    AboutCabinets Blog

  8. That table is so cute. Using the stain to antique the legs made it just right. You did a great job.

  9. You do amazing work Ms. Deb. God has given you a wonderful gift of making things beautiful. Love ya...........:)

  10. What a lovely result! I love timber table tops with painted bottoms, so pretty.

  11. Great job, I love the transformation, it inspired me to do one. I have a new blog please become my follower, I;m new at this
    God bless you, love your music!!!

  12. I absolutely love this. Just told the hubby I need to go yard saling this morning!

  13. Her makeover looks outstanding...hop over and show her off at my NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS party!


  14. I adore this! I am using this same idea to do my son's bedroom furniture right now.

  15. $5.00 ? It looks like a million bucks !

  16. love this! i soooo needed some inspiration for a sad little table that was passed down to me. thanks so much for sharing!!

  17. Amazing! What a beautiful transformation!...Christine

  18. Oh, she's a sweetie now! Great work.

  19. You did a wonderful job!!! Yes, I think you're ready for the dining room table now!!! Good luck...

  20. Gorgeous! I love the white with the stain! Great job!! Thanks for linking up to Sassy Sites "trash to treasure Tuesday!!"

    Marni @ Sassy Sites!

  21. it looks perfect! i love the finish you gave the painted base and the dark wood top. perfection! thanks so much for joining my party!

  22. The wood stain gave it that perfect time worn look! Gorgeous!

  23. It is wonderful! I love what you did with it, and I am loving the owl who is now living below it!!

  24. Great job! I love that owl :)


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