Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Wally World Deal

A few weeks ago I cut a coupon out of the Sunday paper for $1.50 off per bag of this candy (actually had 2  coupons)....which I thought was a good deal....but when I went to purchase it....there was another $1.00 instant coupon on the bags.  When I went thru the check-out, the lady wasn't going to let me use both coupons....but (and it was a God-thing)....we just happened to be at the check-out where the manager stands, and she said "wait a minute, I'm gonna ask, Tom".  Now Mr. Tom (the manager of that particular Wally World) told her of course I could use both coupons because they would get their money back from the manufacturer!!!'s the deal I got....

2 bags of Willy Wonka Candy (Dark Chocolate of course..;) @ $2.96/bag = $5.92
Less 2-$1.50 Coupons = $3.00
Less 2-$1.00 Instant Coupons = $2.00
Total cost before tax = $ .96!!!
Yes, I said NINETY-SIX CENTS!!!!
The smile on my face = Priceless

A fellow blogger did a post a few weeks ago about how she can't stand to shop at Wal-Mart and will not be going back there.  I left her a comment that I really think it depends on the location....because I've never had any trouble at all with our "small town" Wally World....and I've gotta stand by that claim!!!
In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!


  1. Great bargain for sure. I was trying to figure out the Wally World thing. By the time I got through reading it I figured you were talking about WalMart. I like WalMart OK. We have so many good places to shop in our area that I rarely go there but I have nothing against it. I think it is kind of sad the way some people put it down.
    Hope you're having a great weekend. Looks like you're off to a pretty good start with all that chocolate.

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