Saturday, September 11, 2010

Where were you when the world stopped turning?

 It's been nine years since the tragic events of September 11, 2001.  It's hard to believe that almost 10 years have passed.  I remember exactly where I work.  The lady I worked for was in Europe on vacation with her husband and another couple.  The radio was on...and we could tell that the news was about something terrible that was happening in New York, but couldn't figure out what was going on.  There was a small television in the kitchen, so myself and the other lady who worked there turned the TV on and we couldn't believe our eyes as we watched the second plane crash into one of the Twin Towers.  All I could think of was getting in touch with Pappy and Jess....and my Mom.  I wanted to make sure that all my family was safe and sound and couldn't wait to get home that afternoon just to hold them and let them know how much  they were loved.  This all happened on Tuesday, and a special prayer meeting was called at church that night to pray....I remember not really knowing what to even pray for.  I taught a teenage Sunday school class at the time, and one of my students sat with me with her arms around me much as me, as an adult, couldn't comprehend what had just taken place in AMERICA of all was even more difficult for a young mind to grasp.  The next several days were very stressful as my boss had a difficult time getting back into the country due to air traffic being stopped, then re-routed.  The next few weeks and months were spent with every single time the TV was on, we were bombarded with more death and tragedy....and I have to admit that I got really depressed.  As bad as it might seem, I had to quit watching the specials about NINE-ELEVEN....for my own sanity!

I remember watching the country music awards when Alan Jackson first sang the song he wrote,
"Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning"....
....and how I cried.

So....where were you when the world stopped turning?  
And, how did NINE-ELEVEN change your life?

 (pic of my precious hubby)

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!


  1. Dear Deb, Thanks for reminding us! Has it been ten years? I will never forget that day. My hubby was at an oil convention. I was at home. I was watching when the second plane hit the towers and the anchorman didn't even realize what was happening. I thought it couldn't be real..but it was. I was hugging all my five children and weeping. And they were asking, "What's wrong mommy?" All we could do was pray. So we did.

    My 24 yr.old was 14 at the time. He decided that he wanted to join the Marines some day. Now, he is a Marine and has been serving for over five years. His Christmas stocking was made with Sept. 11 fabric (it still had the twin towers on it).

    I remember that we didn't have a real flag and I had just learned, that year, how to quilt. So I 'pieced' a flag from red, blue and white fabric. You couldn't buy a flag in a store anywhere. They were all gone. I still treasure that homemade flag which we flew proudly every day for a very long time. I stenciled the white stars.

    It is a testimony to the valiant efforts of our military and President Bush that another 9-11 never re-occurred. That and of course, the power of a gracious Heavenly Father.

    Thanks for the wonderful post!

  2. This was the first thought on my mind this morning when I see todays date. I woke up and look at the time on my cell phone and looked at the time. 5:43 & 9/11/01--Where was I at the time I was working in Knoxville for a company on the 16th floor. Our first thought will they target all tall bldgs. What about the plant in Oak Ridge the military plant?? I just wanted to be home most of us left early that day just terrified and wanted to get home. I had a 45minute drive so I really wanted to get home.

  3. I posted the video on my blog this morning...before I read your post. I will NEVER forget: I was in an elementary school in SC. I had just let a group go and walked up to the office. They had the tv on; parents came to pick up their kids in a panic. Scary day, followed by anger: Who did they think they were coming on our soil and harming us?

  4. I don't think anyone will ever forget where they were or what they were doing that day. May we never forget the innocent lives that were lost that day.


  5. Yes, I remember, too. (Although my husband and I disagree on whether I alerted HIM or HE alerted me--we watched the rest together most of the day.)

    Discussing it this morning, we realized that NONE of our grandchildren were born at the time. They will all grow up in a "post 9/11" era...

  6. So well written. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I was a teacher in northern Virginia and our school day had just begun when panic broke out. My husband and father worked in DC and all the phone lines were busy or down. A tragic day full of worry, grief, and anger. I didn't hear from my hubby until 7pm that night and since he worked near the pentagon, worry was at an all time high.

  7. Such a sad day to remember.

    I was at home when it happened, but was still in mourning over the loss of my husband, and the 4 teenagers, (2 who were cousins).

    I think my emotions were numb as I stared at the television in disbelief.


  8. It's hard to forget where you were. I never thought in my lifetime I would have one of those moments but sadly I do. I pray that it will be the last.

    I am a new follower.

  9. It is crazy to think that that much time has passed.

    Just found your blog from Spotlight Saturday. Have a great weekend!

  10. The memories are so vivid -- like it happened yesterday. I was at my mom's, having dropped off my children at school, I always stopped by her house and watched the news with her. We thought the first one was a horrible accident. Then the second -- "Mom, I said, this is no accident. Something horrible is happening." As the news pieced things together, we both watched the television, crying. I went home to wake my older son -- truly not knowing what was next. The rest of the day is a blur. Those poor poor people.

    I love your Bible verses and your saying at the top of your blog. How true -- we do not know the battles others are going through, do we? Having spent yesterday with my mother at the hospital meeting with doctors to determine the course of her cancer treatment, it is obvious that there are a lot of wonderful people out there trying to help those in pain.

    Blogging has helped me realize that many are in pain and many are ready to help.

  11. I remember it well. I was getting ready for work.. ironing a skirt that wasn't being cooperative. The phone rang... the person on the other side all but screamed "turn the tv on." I asked what channel and was told "it really doesn't matter." I picked up the remote and turned the tv on and dropped to the floor. All I could do was sit there saying "Oh God" as I watched the second plane crash into the tower. I cried. And cried. I finally left for work and listened to the radio all the way there, crying. I cried for days, maybe weeks, for people I didn't know... much like I did when the OK bombing happened. I couldn't understand then why anyone would do such a horrible thing, and still don't today.

    I haven't blogged about today-- don't plan to-- but I have NEVER forgotten that day 9 years ago or the faces of the people I saw while watching it unfold on tv. And I never will.

  12. We spoke with our 7th grader about this yesterday and I didn't ahve the words to express how much this affected and still affects me. It has changed out world.

    Here (late) for the Friday blog hops! Great blog! Your newest follower. Hope to see you at Dropped Stitches!

    xo Erin

  13. I remember being at work. I was a preschool director/teacher and my hubby calling me at work.
    I'm a new follower from Relax & Surf!

  14. I remember being a work. I was a preschool director/teacher. The pastor came and told us.

    I'm now following. Came from the Relax & Surf!

  15. New follower from Relax & Surf Sunday...hope you'll stop by and say hello too!

    I remember well too...I was in college, in class, with dreams on moving to Washington DC!

    Beth @ Two Monkeys & a Washtub


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