Thursday, October 21, 2010

If you have a bad feeling about something.....

.....then it's probably the Holy Spirit tugging at your heart!!!

As I've gotten older....I've learned to trust my gut instinct....well, let me rephrase that.  I'm doing a better job than I used to at it.  You know when we feel that something maybe just isn't "right"....and we get that "uh-oh" feeling in our soul?!?  

Well....this happened to me this morning at the grocery store.  As I walked into the store, I saw a man sitting in the chairs out front where the buggies are.  He looked at me and seemed a bit nervous....but he looked at me and I smiled at him and he smiled back....and that was the last I thought about him....until I saw him again at the back of the store, as I was looking at the chicken.  He walked past my buggy....looking in it to see what I was purchasing (I had my purse locked in with the child restraint)....and he got a bit too close for comfort.  He kept hanging around back there as long as I did.  The butcher came out and asked if I was finding everything okay and I told him "yes"....but as he started to walk away, I did something that I have NEVER done in my life....and looking back I know it had to be the Holy Spirit.  I told this young man about the other man and how he was making me very uncomfortable....and he told me to just say back there in that department and he would check him out.  Then, another of the butcher's came out to  check out the situation and I left....until I ran into the man yet again.  Come to find out he was with another man who also gave me that creepy feeling, especially when I heard the language he was using.  To make a long story shorter....I then came upon the first young man I had spoken to....and he had gone and gotten a store security officer who turned out to be a local policeman.  The young butcher told me that he had a wife and a Mom and he would want them to be protected and not made to feel like I did.  I told him that I was certain that when I had that feeling that it was God trying to tell me something.  He smiled from ear to ear...and told me that he was a "preacher"....and I almost cried.  I touched his arm and told him that I felt like God put him in the right place at the right time and that's why I felt comfortable telling him about the situation!!!

Why am I telling you this?  
Please, please trust that "gut instinct"....that "uh-oh" feeling....and seek help if you need it.  It's much better to be wrong about something....than for a situation to turn very drastically ugly!

I'm not sure where the men went....when I was checking out, I did see them again up front....but you better believe I hurried to my car and locked it....and came straight home!!!

Stay safe, my precious readers!!!  
And, never be afraid to trust those "tugs" we get....I'm a firm believer they're from the Lord!!!

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!


  1. That story is such a wonderful reminder of God's love for us. I have always said if you get that "Gut Feeling" it is either God, or one of his Angels, protecting us!

  2. Wow...I know exactly what you mean and I am SO glad you trusted those insticts and that God protected you!!

  3. What a great reminder of being sensitive to the leadings of the Holy Spirit! Your situation this morning could have turned disastrous! I believe His hand of protection was upon you and you used wisdom in telling someone of your concerns about those guys!

    So blessed to have stumbled upon your blog this morning and I'm following along with you now! Hope you'll stop by my place for a visit sometime. I love meeting new bloggin' sisters in the Lord!


  4. Ms. Debbie I am just thanking My Savior his very presents was their to protect you today. I have found lately it is very wise that we be on guard.

  5. I think we all need to be reminded of this... and often! Thank you for sharing and making me tear up a bit but in a good way. Your the sweetest Deb!

    (Thanks so much for leaving the egg tip I will be using it next time for sure!)

  6. Glad that you are okay, we should always listen to that inner voice.

  7. Great reminder to us all Deb. Many times we can't explain the uncomfortable feeling but it's best to follow His leading.

  8. That is scary. I agree. We all have to be conscious of our surroundings these days. I have been in situations where I've "gotten the heck outta there."
    I'm glad there was someone you could notify of this so maybe now they will also notice if these men keep coming back.

  9. Glad that you are safe. I have had that God-instinct reveal things to me as far as don't go here, go a different direction or He sends me in that direction for a reason. Most of the time I listen. I'm learning too. Love ya....:)

  10. Those "tugs" are our God given instincts that protect us thru life.

    Wise move.

    Have a wonderful weekend!



Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24