Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Imperfect People, Perfect Redeemer

Today I'm gonna do something a bit different....because I feel it's what God is leading me to do.
Jess has been friends for several years....since back in both her and Rebecca's "Tupperware" days....with Ms. Rebecca Hunley.  

Ms. Rebecca has a precious blog.....

She's also written a book by the same name.  
Now, as some of you know....I'm not an avid reader, except of scripture....but Jess let me borrow this book and it was so good....actually a "life story" about Rebecca and things that God has brought her thru and allowed her to learn so many valuable lessons from her pain!!!

As I visited her blog one day this seemed that what she had written that day was aimed directly at me....oh, not in a negative way....but that God was gently prompting me to "listen" to HIS voice....not the voice of the world....about what HE would have me do....not what OTHERS expect of me!!!
And....since the Ladies Retreat at church this past weekend was entitled "SHOES"....well, I definitely felt God speaking to me  because Ms. Rebecca's post is...."If The Shoe Fits"!!!
(see....I do try to hear what God's trying to say to me....even if it takes a couple of times!!!)

Here is the part of what Ms. Rebecca had to say....that spoke to my heart. 

"Well, how does the world perceive your "shoes?" 
Do they fit you perfectly, but look strange and odd to the world? Do you get wry comments about how you choose to spend your free time volunteering instead of hanging out with friends? Are you questioned about choosing a career that offers very little financial security, but fits your skills perfectly? Ask yourself these questions when sharp remarks come flying like arrows:

1. Is what I am doing honoring God and furthering His kingdom?

2. Is my investment of time, money, or talents a blessing to others and/or my family?

3. Is this activity/event going to matter one year from now? Five years? And so on.....

What fits my life may very well not be a good fit for you. We are all unique and different. Thank goodness God designed us that way. Because if the shoe fits, wear it.....even if it doesn't look right to the world. Take your "shoes" out for a walk and see where they take you!

If you get a chance....please go visit Ms. Rebecca's'll be glad you did!!!

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!! 


  1. I will check out her blog. Sounds like one I would like! Thanks!



  2. I am a new follower. I hope you will follow me also

  3. Hello! I am a new follower from Welcome Wednesday. Your blog name caught my eye as I am a Christian and love Jeremiah 29:11! I would love a follow back on my review and giveaway blog "in my opinion" as I am trying to increase my followers there. Here is my link...

    Thanks so much and have a blessed day!

  4. THis is a great post...I am a follower but tend to be more silent with my beliefs...for fear of those arrows that are so easily shot at us. I stepped out of my comfort zone and posted a small snippet of my faith the other day. God is a big part of my life...I need to learn to stand on it in the face of non-believers and chastisers. Your blog always lifts me up and I thank you for that!

  5. Hi Deb, Great thoughts Deb. I used to be a follower..but once I learned that the Lord accepted me..just as I am..and that I didn't need to do anything to earn that..well, everything changed. Now I do what I feel I ought without any real fear of what people think. We need to be lights shining in a dark world. If God be for us, who can be against us?

    Love your story!

    Donna @ Comin' Home


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