Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Month of December

 We've made it to the month of December....
....the very last month of the year.  
And....can you even begin to believe....that the year TWENTY-TEN is almost over?!?

December is a bittersweet month for me....sweet because we celebrate the birth of our precious Lord and Savior this month....and also because of Pappy's  birthday....and this year Jess and The Dad celebrate 9 years of marriage!!!

Bitter....because my sweet Daddy passed away on December 4, 1994.  But....I know that he's in heaven....he can breathe now.....no more depending on a tube in his nose to give him constant oxygen because a birth defect....and years of smoking....had taken away his lung capacity.  I still miss him like crazy....but I have the blessed assurance that I'll get to see him again!!!!

Here are a few things about the month of December.....the birthstone is the blue topaz....
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The modern birthstone is turquoise....
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The December flower is the narcissus 
(paper whites)....
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You can click here.....for a list of month long observances.....and special events that are set aside to celebrate each day of the month.  
Here are a few that stood out to me.....

December 1st 
Eat a Red Apple Day
National Pie Day

December 4th
National Cookie Day
(no wonder I have a weight problem.....the days that stand out to me have something to do with food!!!)

December 5th
Walt Disney's Birthday

December 7th
National Cotton Candy Day
Pearl Harbor Day

December 8th
National Brownie Day
(I just can't help myself....;)

December 10th
Nobel Peace Prize Awarded

December 13th
National Cocoa Day

December 16th
National Chocolate Covered ANYTHING Day
(now this is my kind of celebration!!!)

December 18th
Wear a plunger on your head day

December 21st
First Day of Winter

December 22nd
First CHRIST-mas lights for sale in 1882
 Thermometer was invented

December 25th
CHRIST-mas Day

December 26th
National Whiners Day
(I didn't realize there was a day set aside just for me!!!)

December 28th
National Chocolate Day
(another day with me in mind!!!)

December 31
New Year's Eve

Special Personal December Days.....

December 2nd
Pappy's Birthday

December 14th 
Jess and The Dad's Anniversary

HOPE each of you have a happy....blessed....
....month of December!!!

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!


  1. Boy I see Dec. is a good month for chocolate! That's if you are a chocolate lover, you wouldn't know anything about that now would you?! Also both of my kids birthdays in Dec, 15 & 16. We're going to see Jonpaul in OH, the 16 through the 19. Can't wait to see him. His 18th birthday, and Tabitha's 17th. Great month! Love ya.... :D

  2. P.S. I love this background, it's very pretty!!!

  3. I am for the cotton candy day. December is a good month for me because I first became an aunt on Dec 2, 1986.

  4. Love the pictures!

    Jess looks like you with her Dad's nose blended in :-)

    Ok, so I need to be eating chocolate this month. That, I can do! LOL

    Have a wonderful day!


  5. Blessed assurance... amazing isn't it!

    Lots happening this month in your family. Sweet photos and sweet family, especially the one of you and your beloved :)

  6. Cute page :)


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sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24