Sunday, November 14, 2010

Special Prayer Request

I have a very special prayer request to ask of you, Prayer Warriors.  My sister-in-law, Pappy's oldest sister....Ms. Betty....will be having a major surgery tomorrow around 1:00.  She has a hamstring tear caused by a fall and the orthopedic doctor who is the doc for the University of Tennessee....says this is the worst he's ever seen. There are 3 degrees of hamstring tears....and Ms. Betty's is worse than the worse.  She will be in the hospital for at least a week, then in rehab for an additional 2 weeks.  This is a major surgery, as they have to pull the tendons and nerves back up and reattach to her hip....not to mention how painful it is.  And, not to mention that after the surgery, she won't be able to sit....only lay and stand....until it heals.  

I'm asking all of you to start praying now, please. 

Pray that God will lay His mighty hand of healing on her....starting NOW....and that the surgeon will find that it is not nearly as bad as the MRI's showed....pray for her recovery and that God will lessen her pain.  


I know that I can count on y'all to offer Ms. Betty up in prayer.  As much as we love her....HE loves her more!!!

HOPE your SON-day is blessed!!!

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!


  1. Good Morning!
    I don't generally look at my blogsite on Sunday morning...but something just tugged at me to do it today...and I saw your request.

    Precious Lord,
    We call on your name for healing and for strength at this trying time in Ms. Betty's life. Please, Lord, give the doctors wisdom as they do the their hands and their hearts. Lord, we know that you are the Great Physician, who can do all things, so we are praying for a miracle right now, Lord. Comfort Ms. Betty, ease her nervousness, let her rely totally on you. Be with the famiy...please wrap your loving arms around them. We give you all the praise and the glory fo what you are about to do for Ms. Betty...for it is in your name alone that we pray, Amen.

  2. My sister and I sung this song in church last Sunday. My dad picked it up for us several years back. The song I posted this morning on my blog.


  4. Praying that once they get in there it won't be as bad as they thought, and praying the pain is bearable.

  5. I will be in prayer for your sister in law!

    healing hugs and prayers...

  6. Hello to prayers
    Please pray to St Jerimiah that he gives to me,
    family, and especially sons Andrew and Jeffrey a future and all plans that are good,protection from disastor always. Please know that my son Andrew age 20 so needs a miracle of a future and all plans from Jesus that our good. Andrew would be a good priest if meant to be
    May my sons find Jesus and know that the Lord has always been with them
    Thank you for your prayers


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Proverbs 16:24