Saturday, February 5, 2011

Special Prayer Request

I find that my heart is somewhat heavy today.....
with so many people who are sick and only physically, but emotionally....and especially spiritually.  There's really nothing that I can do for them....
....except PRAY!!!

Do you all realize what power there is in PRAYER?!?!?  Even many doctors are acknowledging that they are seeing miraculous recoveries in their patients who have people praying for them!!! precious readers....I have a very special prayer request for you today.
Would you please add our sister....not only Pappy's and my sister....but your sister in Christ....would you please add her to your prayer list?
Her name is Ms. Betty....and she is suffering from terrible pain as a result of an injury.  She has undergone surgery....but is facing the possibility of more surgery in her future.  Also....please ask our precious Lord to give her discernment in decisions that need to be made.

I sincerely HOPE that she much she's loved!!!

Thank you, Prayer Warriors!!!
You're the greatest!!!

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!


  1. "Lord, please give Ms. Betty comfort in her physical pain, wisdom in the decisions she needs to make and know Your love through your Spirit as He comforts her moment by moment. Allow for this painful time, both emotionally and physically, pass quickly, Lord! Thank you for your unending love and good gifts you give us."

  2. I just lifted Ms. Betty up in prayer!


  3. You got it. Prayer is very powerful.

  4. Sending her prayers from our family prayer circle.


  5. Certainly! Prayers going up. By the way, I like the font on the sidebar much better than the cursive.
    The cursive made me think of when I had to teach cursive, and some kids couldn't read the homework I wrote on the board. LOL It's almost obselete now.

  6. Have added Ms. Betty to my prayer list. God is faithful to calm our seas.....Blessings

  7. I would be delighted to add your request of Ms. Betty to my list. Don't let your heart be heavy; God has eveything in perfect control~ trust, my dear!

  8. Please pray for my relationship with Kennedy Frank & Joanna grow stronger and lovingly.


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24