Thursday, March 24, 2011

 March 24, 2011
These are not my photos.....I stole them from our daughter.....please don't tell on me!!!

 (images courtesy of Jessica Leigh)

I know I'm biased....but these are the cutest little guys in the entire world!!!
They have completely stolen my


  1. The two kids are both cute and handsome. I also love the setting of the picture. I love the lush greenery.

    I discovered your blog from Paisley Passions' wandering wednesday and I must say that I am enjoying all the pictures here. I hope we could develop a connection by following each others blogs. That would really make me happy.

    I wish you more happiness!

  2. Oh what gorgeous gorgeous photos! I found you through the Thursday blog hop and am now following you.
    Hope you'll stop by my blog sometime too!

  3. They are precious. I steal pics from my daughter all of the time.

  4. They really are too cute! Love the pics :)

    Newest follower from the Blog Hop Thursday blog hop.
    Please stop by my blog, enter our giveaway, and return the follow!
    Thanks! :)

  5. Cute !! Following you via blog hop. Hope you will follow me too @


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