Saturday, March 12, 2011

Decisions, Decisions......

Have you ever stopped and thought about how many decisions there are to be made in a day's time?!?  
Let's run thru a typical morning for me....

I get up....go to the bathroom....use the potty....wash my hands....and decide whether to weigh myself....
....or not!!! 
Then, on to brush my teeth.  Now....I have 2 toothbrushes (don't ask!!) so that's my first decision....which one to use?  Then, do I want to use the brightening toothpaste, or just the regular?  Do I have time to floss?  Do I need to use mouthwash this morning?  Which antiperspirant should I use today?  
Am I going out....well, then I'll need some makeup....should I just go with some powder and a bit of lipstick...or should I go the whole nine yards and even use mascara? If I am going somewhere....then, I have to decide what to do about my hair.  Will I need the curling iron turned on....or can I just sorta "pick it out"....or should I just put a visor on and be done with it?  Now, back to the bedroom....what to wear?!?!?  If I'm staying home....then, sweats and my Adidas.....gotta run errands.....jeans and a top.   Finally dressed....into the kitchen to fix my coffee.  Which cup do I want to use today?  Do I feel like the liquid creamer, or the powdered?  What do I want to eat?  Should I fix some oatmeal to help with my cholesterol?  Would a little bit of brown sugar be okay in my oatmeal?  Or, do I just want a banana and yogurt this morning?

If you've made it this far.....
....are you as tired as I am just thinking about it?!?!?  It's unreal all the simple little decisions that we make in a day's time!!!

All these little decisions are just part of our every day routine and we really don't even think about the fact that we're making a decision....
....we just do it!!!

With the terrible disaster that happened in Japan got me to thinking.  So many people were caught completely off guard by the tsunami....and I wondered how many of them lost their lives without knowing Jesus.

I sincerely HOPE and PRAY that each person reading this has made the most important decision of all.... accept Jesus as Lord and Savior of your life!!!

Joshua 24:15
....choose today whom ye will serve....
....but as for me and my family, 
we will serve the Lord.
In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!


  1. You know Deb, as I awoke to this awesome beautiful Saturday my thoughts were on those that experienced loss due the earthquake/Tsunami in Japan. Those that are desperate to find the ones that are lost, their hearts frozen with fear if their loved me is just lost or has died at the hand of such horror. Let us take our beautiful day given and remember those that are lost, those that have lost loved ones, and those that are having to start all over in their life from the ruins of what is at hand....

  2. LOL I have 2 toothbrushes too and 2 kinds of toothpaste too! The decision..whichever one I grab, absolutely no thought pout in it at all.

    Jeans if I am leaving my house, sweats if I am not. Soon shorts all the time!

    Makeup???? Not likely lipstick yes, it is my chap stick! LOL

    Horrible about Japan yesterday. So sad. I hope they knew/know Jesus too!


  3. We almost have the same of womanhood..Ha
    On a more serious note...those poor people who have been in the midst of the heart breaks for them. Dear Lord lay your hand on this situation...amen...

  4. I thought of that as well...I also realized how important it is to make each moment count with our loved ones...

  5. What an awesome post! It brings tears to my eyes thinking about how many people didn't know Jesus.
    God Bless,

  6. I was intrigued with the decisions...Was great to read your first half hour of the day, so many people follow you, so many care, so many can relate, on a future post, can you continue your decisions...

    ...I can't imagine how many people, on a daily basis, watch something, walk by someone, and think "I should help," but make the decision not to in the long run...if everyone made the right decision to help those in need, around them or far way, the world would be such a better place...


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24