Thursday, March 10, 2011

Refashioned Zip-Up Hoodie

Our daughter saw a hooded jacket that she loved on Etsy....but with a price of over FIFTY DOLLARS....she just knew that her Momma could do it for her!!!  So....she purchased a black zip-up hoodie and a pair of black sweat pants....and I think she paid under $10 for both, since most stores have those items discounted right now.  I used the front of one of the legs....cut it in strips about 1 1/2 times the length that I needed.....ruffled them....and sewed them to the jacket.

 I think I'm gonna have to make one of these for myself!!!

Blessings to you,


The Girl Creative


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  3. WOW! What a handy dandy Mom! Lucky girl!
    Becky Jane

  4. this is ADORABLE! I a want one maybe I need to pull out my sewing machine! How creative you are my dear!

  5. That is so cute ! ! Great idea..

  6. You are amazing! I definitely want a sewing machine...and then sewing skills.

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  7. That is so cute! I would wear that too!

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  8. Wow! You are so talented! Love it!
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  9. This is the cutest project...ever and for $10.00!!! Thanks so much for linking up to my party!

  10. Maybe you should open an Etsy shop of your own! Found your blog from a link on The Rusted Chain. :)

  11. What a cute idea! I love sweatshirts too, but they are just never pretty enough. I will definitely be trying this!! I would love for you to come link this project up to my linky party over at The Little Birdie. We have lots of moms who love to sew that would love this!!

    Here's this week's link to the party:

    I hope we'll see you there! :)

  12. Love this! Black hoodies are perfect for those cold days and this one is adorable! And for $10.00! Can't beat it!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  13. super cute! I love black, I love hoodies, and I love ruffles...your project is a winning combo!

  14. i LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!


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