Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Women of the Bible - Rahab

 Rahab was a harlot (a prostitute).  
She also manufactured and dyed linen.  Her house was on the city wall of Jericho. Joshua sent two spies to explore Jericho and Rahab helped them escape by hiding them in stalks of flax on her roof and sending the messengers that the king had sent on a "wild goose chase".  She then let the two spies down the outside wall by a rope thru a window of her house.  When the Israelites captured Jericho, they spared Rahab and her family becasue she had placed a scarlet cord in the window as their sign that she was a friend of God's people.  Rahab, along with her father, mother, brothers, and all of her father's household were spared.  Rahab later married Salmon and they had a son....Boaz....who married Ruth.  So....a Canaanite harlot became part of the lineage of King David....and in turn an ancestor of Jesus!!!

This might be my favorite woman so far during our study.  Not necessarily the woman herself, but the results of her obedience.  God showed His grace and forgiveness to Rahab, the prostitute....showing once again that He can use all of us.  And....regardless of our past, our precious Lord and Savior forgives us!!! 

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!


  1. I have enjoyed your postings on Women of the Bible, Deb. God has been so gracious to speak to me through them. I have always enjoyed the testimony of Rahab. The Scarlet Cord to me represents the Blood Cord of Jesus that flowed from Calvary so that I might be saved from the destruction of the deceitfulness and wickedness of my own heart: Jeremiah 17:9: I want that Scarlet Cord to be a sign also to "self" and to others that I am a friend of the Almighty God.
    Truly enjoyed this morning...thankful this morning for the Scarlet Cord ....Hugs Deb


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