Monday, June 20, 2011

***Edited to add***
Thanks to my sweet friend, 
Ms. Norma....
....this is called "Indian Paint Brush"!!

June 20, 2011
Flowers blooming along the road at 
Seven Islands Game Refuge.
Does anybody know what they're called?


  1. It is called "Indian paint brush", grows wild. At least that is what my mother called it.

  2. I love your blog and all the pictures. The 365 is such a great idea!
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    have a super Monday!

  3. The name of your plant in the garden catalogs is 'Indian Pink' Spigelia marilandica. I have several places in my gardens that I grow it. Indian paint brush is a western wildflower that looks totally different. I grew up in Nevada, and we used to see it in the wilds when we went hiking. They're both beautiful flowers. Lovely photo.


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